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well, we can’t both be wrong

So, things went kinda bad for me last year, I ended up dropping a couple?courses and landed on academic probation. I know you’re only allowed to?take 3.0 credits on probation, but my question is, will there be any?consequence if I don’t stick to the 1.5 each semester suggestion? I know?the suggestion is to ease stress and make it easier to do well in the?courses so you can get off probation, but three of the 0.5 credit courses I?want to take are only available in first semester, along with the one 1.0?credit course I would be taking all year and one 0.5 credit course in?second semester. Will I be blocked from doing that? Or will me academic?adviser just discourage it? Because I really see no other way.

Thanks so much.


hey there,

either i’ve missed something major, or you?have, because i can’t find any rule – on any of the three campuses – that says you can only take 3.0 credits/year while on probation.

on the downtown campus, the maximum number of courses you can take per semester is five (see “Academic Standing“). at UTSC, the limit is four per semester.

i can’t figure out what the limit is at UTM – it seems like it’s 5.0 per year but they’ve got some finicky wording going on that’s confusing me. in any case, i don’t see anywhere that the limit is 3.0.

so either you’re just MAKING STUFF UP, or you’re WRONG, OR this is a special circumstance that falls outside the regular rules.

i’m gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and assume the latter: if?your course restrictions are part of a special limitation from your?faculty that is specific to you, then there’s not much advice i can give you. your college/faculty registrar’s office has gotta be much more dialled in about your situation?than i am – so you’d better talk to them about it.?and if they do advise you against a lopsided?course load, then?listen to them, for goodness’ sake.

if you DON’T have any special limitations,?then you’re just wrong. haha. (but seriously, double-check the probation course regulations on your faculty/campus).

good luck with it,



no one wants to hear about first year, including grad schools

I’m thinking of returning to U of T now that my three-year suspension has ended, but as I did so poorly before, I’m trying to figure out how far I’ll be able to progress in the future! I’m a second year student (8 credits) with a 1.22 cumulative GPA, and while I believe I can bring it up, I fiddled around with this calculator ( and it seems that even if I were to average a 4.0 from now on (positive thinking!), it would be difficult to raise my CGPA just to 3.0 (and that’s the best case scenario).

How important is your CGPA (at least your early CGPA) down the road? Does U of T’s grad school typically look at your entire academic history, or are the last two years their main focus? I’m thinking ahead and wondering if I might want to go to U of T’s cinema studies grad programme for an M.A., but the page ( says “Minimum” *B+* standing, demonstrated by an average grade in the final year, or over senior courses”. Does this mean B+/3.33ish as an annual GPA or as a CGPA? And even if I do meet the minimum requirements, will they take one look at my terrible early academic history and run away screaming???


hey there,

it’s not often i get to give out good news on this website, you know. some say it’s turned me into a bitter, hateful old witch, but i think it’s spawned my own special brand of offbeat charm.

regardless, it’s times like this, when i actually get to give good news, that i particularly cherish. they’re little gems of hope in a river of let-downs and disappointments.

that quote you pulled means that cinema studies will only be looking at your ‘senior courses’ i.e. mainly 400-level courses to make admissions decisions for the M.A. program. for most people, that translates strictly to your final year (and maybe parts of your third year). which is great news! finally!

yes, after a 3-year suspension, it must be daunting to get back up on your feet and once more tackle the beast that is academia. however, if you can muster a really exceptional average for your last year, then you’ve got a real chance for that master’s program. i doubt they will look at your first two years, but even if they do, they will be encouraged by the massive improvement that you’ve made.

so don’t worry about your first year. it will not be the death knell of your grad school application. as long as you work hard and strive to do better in your senior years, that’s all you need.

remember to take advantage of the writing centre and your TAs’/profs’ office hours to make the very best of your courses. your registrar’s office is also always available for any bumps in the road.




P.S. GPA scales work slightly differently from university to university, so if you’re going to be using a GPA calculator, you may as well use the one actually created by uoft itself.


probation station 2: engineers gone wild

Hello, I’m a second year ece student. I was not able to get a 60% average this semester so I became a PRO2 student. So sadly I cannot continue to 3rd year and I’m supposed to withdraw for 8 months (I can start again in the winter term). So I lose a year. My question is what would be the most beneficial path to take?

I filed a petition so uft would let me take those electives required by my faculty. I started looking for jobs and I applied to IBM. My cgpa is really low 1.77 so I doubt I’ll get in. What do you suggest I do? I don’t have any real work experience. I’m gonna list the options that I see right now and you can add to them or alter them.

1) If the petition is granted, I can take the elective courses and make 3rd year and 4th year a bit easier.

2) Work in an engineering company to get the 600 hours done (the problem with this choice is I’m not sure if its realistic, If I can use the 3 summer months to gain enough experience or to do beneficial things to make this choice possible, then I would do it, Sub questions: is it possible for me to get an engineering job? What would be a better alternative? What other ways can I finish my 600 hours without losing more time? I was planning to do a pey year but now I don’t want to because my degree will?take (4 + 1 repeated year + pey year = 6 total years) instead of (4 + pey year = 5 total years). If i can finish my 600 hours I can still finish my degree in a total of 5 years. Does it have to be an engineering job to receive hours? Where can I find work in this area (I looked at some
websites that uft provide, any more you know of, other options etc)?

3) Work in a retail/fast food to gain work experience

4) Take training courses so i can be a better candidate for engineering jobs

Any advice is appreciated, there are many choices and I don’t know which one to focus on and which one is realistic.


hey there,

1) if your petition is granted, then yeah, it would be nice to take some electives and make things a bit easier on yourself. on the other hand, if you fail to get a above a 60% average in the next term, you won’t be invited for readmission. meaning that the next term you take is going to be absolutely crucial.

i’d strongly consider talking to your registrar’s office for advice before you make a decision – about your petition, about jobs, about school in general. they can help you figure out your next steps.

that might include visiting the academic success centre, or CAPS, or any of a myriad of other resources available on campus. however, i cannot overstate how important an academic advisor is in helping you plan those next steps.

all in all, you want to work on making your situation as optimal as possible for when you come back to school. your registrar can help you do that.

2)/3) from what i can tell, it looks like the 600 hours do not have to be in a job specific to engineering. in all the descriptions i’ve read, they’re very careful about remaining vague about the type of job that’s allowed.

as long as the job “contain[s] a good measure of responsibility (e.g., management of programs, systems, equipment, personnel or finances), sound judgment and effective communication,” it should be fine. that’s an exceptionally vague description, so i’m sure lots of non-engineering jobs qualify. the site even specifies that “[w]ork in many facets of industry, government or public service would be acceptable for this requirement.

so there are probably some non-engineering jobs that will qualify – though i’m sure not all of them will. you may want to double check any likely candidates with the engineering career centre.

as for where to look: CLN’s job board is pretty good – so is its engineering counterpart. linkedin is another great resource. then you’ve got your general job posting sites like indeed, monster, etc. if there are any specific companies you’re interested in, you may want to keep a tab on their careers page in case anything comes up.

i can’t tell you which jobs you should be applying for – i’m afraid i just don’t know enough about the field. however, this is another thing that would be great to bring up at a meeting with your registrar. they can take a look at your transcript and discuss what would be feasible/beneficial for you right now.

4) maybe, but i have no idea what courses would actually be useful. the way i see it, your academics are the most important thing right now, and planning out a road map with – you guessed it – your registrar, is the absolute best next step.

best of luck with all this. i know how tough this must be; engineering is no walk in the park, regardless of your GPA. don’t lose hope, though. you’ll get through it, and you’ll end up with a solution that you’re happy with and excited about.

all the best,



but i didn’t even take any courses!

During this semester I fell under a 1.5, just barely. I was reading through how probation and suspension work and I’m very confused about one thing. It says one’s standing is addressed at the end of each term. I, however, am international and will not be able to participate in the summer session due to family circumstances. Will my standing be addressed at the end of the Summer session even if I do not participate? I would imagine not, but the way the university site words it doesn’t really clear this up.

Thank-you for any help you can offer.


hey there,

that’s a very good question. it’s always best to ask about these things if the wording is confusing to you (and goodness knows, uoft jargon is often confusing).

however, if you do not attempt ANY credits in the summer session, then your standing won’t be assessed. your standing is only assessed in any sessions where you took at least 0.5 credits with a grade attached to them.

so if you CR/NCR every course you took in a session, for example, or if you don’t take any courses at all, your academic standing WILL NOT be assessed. your academic standing will just remain the same.




probation alteration

Hi! So I am a little worried as to how this works but, it says that if you have ATTEMPTED 4.0 credits and received a CGPA of 1.5 or less, you will be placed on academic probation. However, I took about 4.5 credits at the beginning of the year, and I ended up dropping two 0.5 credits, resulting in only having 3.5 credits. Will I still be placed on probation if my CGPA is less than 1.5? Thanks!


hey there,

so, the rule used to be that your academic standing was assessed after you attempted 4.0 credits, but that rule changed recently. starting Fall 2014, your academic standing started being assessed after any term in which you receive a final standing (i.e. a grade) in at least 0.5 credits.

so unless you credit/no-credited every single course you took, your academic standing for Fall/Winter 2014-2015 will be assessed and you’ll be placed on academic probation if your CGPA is below a 1.5.

just remember: probation is not the end of the world, and as long as you can get your CGPA above a 1.50 in the term you’re on probation, you’ll be back on track.

good luck!


P.S. this is all assuming you’re a UTSG student because WHY would the campuses ever CONSIDER unifying their rules about these things when they can make really finicky regulations that are all different from each other. lol.


probe a shun

I am a life science student at UTSC and have almost completed first year. As of now my CGPA is 1.47. I realized that this is not adequate in order to complete the Life Science program. If i want to switch in to Management (Accounting program) what is the minimum average or GPA I should maintain? Is there any possible way that I could increase my current GPA? Please advice?



hey there,

if your CGPA is a 1.47, that means that you’ll be on academic probation in the next term that you take classes. ‘what’s academic probation???’ i hear you ask. well, when you are on academic probation, you have one term to get your CGPA above a 1.60 and be in good standing. otherwise, you’ll be suspended for one year. and no one wants that. so, what can you do about it?

there are plenty of resources available to increase your GPA. in fact, utsc requires that you use them at least once when you are on probation, but i’d recommend taking full advantage of them. the Academic Advising & Career Centre is a great starting point, and if you’d like help with specific courses, why not check out the Writing Centre or the Math and Statistics Learning Centre?

you probably wouldn’t be able to enter into management just yet. you need to have completed 4.0 FCEs (including certain management courses) and admission is competitive. what you can do is spend the next year working on getting the prerequisites* you need to apply for a management POSt.

if you take advantage of the resources around you and work hard to improve, you can definitely kick that probation to the curb.

best of luck with it,


* “Courses completed must include MGTA01H3, MGTA02H3, MGEA02H3, MGEA06H3,MATA32H3, and MATA33H3. MATA32H3 and MATA33H3 are strongly recommended, however MATA30H3/A31H3 and MATA35H3/A36H3/A37H3 may also be used to satisfy the calculus requirement.


probation gestation

I’m a student in UTSC, and I’m currently on Academic Probation continuing from 2 semester again. If I achieve less than 1.60 on the FALL term, will I be suspended for 4 months? Or will I only be suspended after the WINTER term is assessed? Please answer!
Thank you.


hey there,

this is worth saying once in a while, and i haven’t said it for a bit, so here goes:

as much as i wish we were, askastudent is not a professional, full-time department within the university of toronto. also, the “student” part of askastudent means that we can’t always answer things right away.

says right here that it can take up to two weeks, and that’s because we need to take time to, y’know, pass our classes and stuff. so if you’ve got a SUPER URGENT inquiry, always go to the appropriate uoft office first. they work a lot more hours to be able to get back to you faster.

onto your question.

UTSC’s timeline operates in terms of sessions, like UTSG. however, unlike UTSG, scarborough is divided into three sessions: fall, winter and summer.

academic standing is assessed at the end of every session, so if you were on probation for the fall session, your standing would have been assessed at the end of the fall session. if your GPA fell below 1.60 in the fall, then you’re “liable for suspension or refusal of further registration” for the winter term.

but you should have received an e-mail from your school about the exact terms of your suspension if you were suspended, so if you didn’t, i would e-mail the utsc registrar’s office and ask about it.




term is an ambiguous term

Hey aska,
I’m concerned that my gpa from this semester won’t be so great, but my courses next semester are more my speed and should boost it. If I fall below the 1.5 gpa this semester, but bring my gpa back by the end of the year, will I still be in poor academic standing?


hey there,

i don’t often say this, but?good question. and the answer is: no. academic standing (in the faculty of arts & science at utsg) is determined at the end of a term, and here, there are only two terms: summer and fall/winter. so the next time your academic standing will be determined is in april. at that point, if your CGPA is below a 1.50, you’ll be put on academic probation. otherwise, you’ll be in good standing.

so you’ve got FOUR MONTHS to redeem myself. best of luck to you, fellow soldier.




the registrar’s office is your favourite place

so last year i failed two courses and they were the only ones i was taking. i have assumed that i am on academic probation, however i was never notified that i am on academic probation. what does this mean? does this mean that since i never received a credit for either course that it doesn’t warrant probation? i’m currently successfully enrolled in a bunch of courses. i don’t understand what is going on.
cheers x


hey there,

i’m thinking you’re probably on academic probation (you’re allowed to be enrolled in courses when you’re on probation).

however, the rules related to determining academic standing have changed recently in the faculty of arts & science, and they’re different in different uoft faculties and between the three campuses, and since you didn’t give me ANNNYYYYY context about where you’re from, there are a whole bunch of factors which mean that you may or may not currently be on probation.

you know what the best thing to do would be? can you guess it? can you guess what i’m about to say?


yep! you guessed it! go and have a nice chat with your registrar’s office. i would link to where your registrar’s office is located and a handy phone number you can reach them at, but i don’t know where you go to school. so. just use this, i guess.




suspended from school – but not from LIFE

Hi, I’m currently a student who just came off academic suspension. I’ve been attending all my classes but I haven’t gotten any grades for anything yet because my current classes are full year courses. However, I’m starting to get anxiety again. I’m scared I won’t be able to bring up my CGPA by next semester and will be suspended once again for 3 years. That has been on my mind a lot lately and it’s starting to make me depressed. My question is if a person is suspended will I be able to apply to a college? Or do I have to wait three years. I know it have a chance to do well and I need to work hard, but having that 3 year suspension idea is really eating away at me. And have people gotten off academic probation after a one year suspension? Help! Thanks.


hey there,

sure, people have gotten off probation after a one year suspension. it’s very possible. i don’t have any specific stats, but not everyone who has a one year suspension then goes on to be suspended for three years.

the important thing is to establish a network of academic support at the university that can help you stay on track – if you do that, i’d say you have a good chance of getting off probation.

suspension only restricts you from re-registering in the Faculty, but it doesn’t prevent you from taking classes elsewhere. of course, if you do apply to a college and they ask for your uoft transcript, it may be a good idea to explain why you were suspended, because the fact of your suspension may impact your admission to that college.

however, it’s by no means not allowed, and if you are admitted to a college, you’re free to take classes there while you’re suspended at uoft. just keep in mind that any college courses you take while on suspension can’t be used as transfer credits to uoft.

best of luck,



some brand-spanking new rules on academic probation!


I was put on academic probation at the end of this past academic year (in May). And i did one semester in the summer session (May-June). Wanted to be home for the second semester as i live in a different country.

I just wanted to know the terms in my exact position to avoid getting suspended. It says on the website that academic standing is assessed twice a year (after the academic year and after the summer session). But i also read somewhere that they assess your standing on probation after 2 semesters or after completing 4.0 credits.

So will i be only assessed on the one summer semester or after another semester (Fall)?

Much appreciated!


hey there,

your befuddlement is understandable, since they just finished tinkering with the rules related to academic probation. however, what’s up now is the current information.

your academic standing will be assessed at the end of every Fall/Winter and Summer sessions where you earn at least 0.5 credits, not including credit/no-credit, pass-fail or extra courses. so unless you only did 0.5 FCEs in the summer, and made it CR/NCR, an extra, or pass-fail, you’ll be assessed at the end of the summer.




this generation is going to the dogs

Hi, if I get placed on academic probation from utsc, will a letter be mailed to my house?? I dont want my parents to find out



I was wondering if u of t sends a letter of probation to your house. Or do they just tell you by email?


hey there,

i woke up at 6:30 this morning, all fresh and ready to take on a new day at Askastudent HQ. “what will the bright-eyed, spry, driven youth of uoft ask me today?” i asked, feeling a tingle of anticipation (or possibly a tingle from lack of blood circulation; it’s difficult to tell the difference) at the thought. maybe they’ll ask me how to broaden their opportunities outside the classroom! or perhaps they’ll inquire whether they can help with the growing homeless dog population in toronto!

i get into work, big smile on my face, sit down at my computer, and what do i find? not one, but TWO questions about how to PULL A FAST ONE on your parents! do kids really do this? just lie to their parents like that? in my day, kids didn’t lie to their parents. in fact, they were so honest that one of my friends snuck out?every night to the forest behind her house to pick wildflowers for her mother. how dedicated is that?

anyway, as SHOCKED and APPALLED as i am by this blatant lack of respect, this uncalled-for SNEAKINESS may work out for you. according to the UTSC calendar, “[s]tudents who are on academic probation, suspended or refused further registration are emailed” (that’s under the first heading, ‘Grade Reports.'”) at UTM, “[s]tudents whose academic performance has resulted in probation, suspension or refusal of further registration will be notified by e-mail.

UTSG students are less fortunate: your probation letters are mailed to your mailing address. tough luck, kids.

UTM and UTSC students, technology is on your side. for now.




metaphors & motor engines work their way into a probation question


I was wondering when would we find out if we are placed on academic probation?


hey there,

good question. mighty good question. that’s a good. hm.

to be honest, i don’t have any specific dates i can offer you. academic standing is determined at the end of the fall/winter and summer sessions, but that’s as specific as the calendar is willing to get. if you’re taking courses in the summer session, you’ll be notified if you’ve been put on probation after the session is over. if you’re still waiting to hear about fall/winter, then sit tight and keep waiting, or call the faculty and DEMAND INFORMATION!*

though, really, instead of waiting on tenterhooks like this, you can just take a look at your CGPA on ROSI. if it’s less than 1.50, you’re gonna be leaving from probation station sometime soon. if not, you can go buy a sandwich…at the station…because…you’ll be staying there.**



*don’t do that. ask politely. like a uoft student do.

**i’m doing a double-major in metaphors and train engineering.

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