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top secret internal transfer gpa’s

Dear ask a student,

I am in second year at UTSC and I am looking to transfer downtown for urban
studies. In first year I took computer science and finish the year with a
low GPA. Now in city studies after the first semester my sessional GPA was
2.93 but my cumulative GPA is still below 2.5. Will they look over my first
year since I am now doing better in City Studies and is there a chance I
can still get in with just my recent GPA improvement?




soooooo when UTSG is looking at internal transfer students, (students who are transferring from one U of T campus to another U of T campus) they will consider your CGPA and your most recent annual GPA. however, they will also have access to your whole transcript if they notice some inconsistencies in your GPA.

in terms of GPA cut-off, i would check with the urban studies department directly to make sure you’re within the range. for some reason admission GPA’s for internal transfers are kind of top secret. they used to post them online, but i haven’t been able to find it ever since they revamped the website. right now, the admission GPA’s are mostly circulated by word of mouth, but for entry into a specific program like urban studies, it would be in your best interest to just ask them!

hope this helped!

wishing you all the best in your transfer! hope we’ll be seeing you downtown!

peace and love,



sad face emoticon

why doesn’t uoft have any tech-y courses 🙁



you and i are in the same boat because we’re both sad face emoticon people.

you’re clearly sad face emoticon about U of T not having “tech-y” courses whereas i am sad face emoticon that some people ask me very vague questions that don’t make much sense.

what do you mean by tech-y? am i missing something here?

all classes TECHnically involve some sort of technology, right???? is computer science not tech-y enough a course? i can’t really think of anything more tech-y than the science of technology itself!

in conclusion, please elaborate ’cause i’m pretty stumped here.

idk man,





how to say waitlist in robot

Hi, so I thought I wanted to do life sci but now I want to switch to comp sci, and course registration is coming up. Comp sci kids have priority for those courses so i cant register until august 5. What is the likelihood that i wont get those courses by then? Is there anything i can do cause i know that i dont want to do life sci for sure so itd be a complete waste of a year if i cant get those comp sci courses. Should i just register for life sci courses right now and wait until august 5th to try to sign up for comp sci courses or try contacting the comp sci department? I’m so worried cause I dont want to waste an entire year! your insight would be greatly appreciated!


hey there,

assuming you want to do a computer science specialist, there are five (half-year) courses you’re going to need to get into for your first year. lucky for you, TWO of them (MAT135 and 136) include life science students in their priority. that means you’ve only got three courses to worry about: CSC108H1, CSC148H1 and CSC165H1. and yes, ALL of them only prioritize first-year computer science students. and yes, if you don’t take CSC108H1, you can’t take the other two, which have 108 as a prerequisite.

HOWEVER. the department knows that incoming computer science students are not the only people who will be taking these courses. aside from people who want to get into the program, you have upper-years who need to repeat them, and people taking the courses for general interest. so they make a LOT of lecture sections. and yes, most of them will fill up quickly with first years, but that doesn’t mean you’re entirely out of luck.

bulldog comforting

if you feel lost in the days leading up to course enrolment, remember this bulldog

all the lecture sections of CSC108, combined, make space for 1160 students. that is several times the number of students who are accepted into the 1st Year Computer Science stream every year. it’s a similar case for CSC148 and 165, though obviously there are fewer spots in those because not everyone will take/pass CSC108, and so not everyone will be able to take the follow-up courses.

so yes, you do have a chance of getting into these courses, even if you have to wait for the priority to lift. you may have to wait list, you may not get into your ideal lecture sections, but it’s not hopeless.

that being said, i would strongly recommend having backup courses, not just in case you don’t get into the computer science courses (though that is a valid concern), but also in case you take the courses and don’t get into the program, or you decide you don’t like them and want to go in a different direction.

phoebe pla

don’t be phoebe on course enrolment day. have a plan A. have a plan B. have a plan everything-is-going-wrong-but-i’m-gonna-save-the-day-at-the-last-minute (also know as plan EIGWBIGSTDATLM)

even if you do get into all the computer science courses you need, you will have space left over in first year to take courses other than computer science courses, so take advantage of that! explore the calendar, take chances on courses that intrigue you, and remember that no matter what happens, it’s not the end of the world.

and p.s. you’re never “wasting” years. university is complicated and hard and whether it takes you four years or six or twenty, it’s all good!




how much can you really trust reddit

I have a couple of things I would like to clarify as I go forward in my Comp Sci education. So according to this some things have changed this year for people like myself who look to enroll in the CS POST. So I am in my fourth semester here at UTSG doing whatever I can to get into the CS POST since around last year. Basically first and second semester I took last year I went through csc108, csc148, and csc165. All fine and dandy. However, I didn’t do so hot in csc165 at all (52%) and I went through csc148 very uneasy with this in the back of my mind. So I did all of 148 outright to the end but dropped it because I had the option to from the TA strike that occurred. So I “retook” 148 last semester and did fairly well, falling just shy of an 80. Now I also have 165 enrolled this semester as an EXTRA course (so labeled EXT on my acorn/rosi). Now with this change that has taken place as mentioned in the Reddit post, and knowing that I am still a student in the Faculty of Arts & Science CMP1 according to my rosi, if I just do basically what I did with 148 and get a solid grade in 165 close to around 75-80 range, will I get accepted once I apply as the CS update implies?

Thanks if you respond and thanks for running such an awesome resource.


hey there,

the important distinction made in the reddit post you cite is between people admitted into the university in the computer science stream, and everyone else.

if you were admitted out of high school (or wherever you were before uoft) into computer science, then yes. the way that i read the e-mail quoted is like this: if you meet those minimum requirements, you would definitely be admitted into the specialist or major (whichever you applied to).

if you were admitted into another stream though (life science, physical/mathematical science, social science or humanities), then the POSt would still be competitive. that means that achieving the minimum required marks will not be enough to be admitted. you’ll have to achieve a mark high enough that you earn one of the limited spots in the POSt.

so far, so good – i do have an important caveat for you, though. since i’m not in comp. sci. and i never received the e-mail that the reddit post quotes, i have no way of verifying whether it is real. i mean, it seems like a remarkably specific thing to make up, but i still can’t confirm it, because i can’t find the same information anywhere in the calendar or on the comp. sci. website.

what i would recommend is that you verify the information with the computer science undergraduate office. they can also advise you about any nuances that may not be entirely evident (or mentioned at all) in that e-mail. they’re also good just for some general advice about moving forward. all around, it’s probably a good idea to stop in or call for a chat.




plug into the real world, nerd

Hey aska,

I hope this is the right place to ask this question. In June 2016 I’ll graduating with my H.BSc here at UTM after 4 years and the problem is, I COULD be happier! I learned in 3rd year that I should’ve switched into Comp. Sci. when I had the chance, the field I dream of working in on a daily basis, but I was a fool and was just too lazy to take another 4 years here since I have no courses from my Majors/Minors that would be usable for any Comp. Sci. programs. I guess my question to you is, are there any co-op programs at UTM (that don’t exist on the site dedicated to co-op programs) that could maybe put me into a Comp. Sci. program (where I could be a bit more specific later) where my current H.BSc. degree would be beneficial? I know this is vague as shizz but any info would be appreciated! And if not, would this be a question best suited for an academic adviser? Thank you again aska!


hey there,

i’m not sure i 100% understand what you’re asking. if you’re already graduating with a bachelor of science from UTM, you would not be able to do another undergraduate program leading to another bachelor of science from UTM. you’re only able to do another bachelor’s degree at UTM if it is leading to a different degree – so either an H.B.A., or B.Comm.

if you want to delay your graduation and change track a little bit, you could start taking computer science courses now at UTM. however, that would probably require you to stay at UTM for a while longer, and there’s no guarantee you’d get into the subject POSt.

in addition, co-op doesn’t exist as an undergraduate option at UTM, only at UTSC, and you likely wouldn’t be able to transfer so late in your degree.

what you may be able to do is take some computer science courses as a non-degree student. you may also be able to enrol in a B.Eng. program on the downtown campus as a second degree student. you could specialize in electrical and computer engineering, as a way of studying computer science, but still graduating with a different degree.

you may also want to consider a college program. for example, here’s a two-year computer programming certificate offered by Seneca College – and there are lots more.

these are all just options. i’m sure there are a lot more i can’t think of. i’d highly recommend you check in with your registrar’s office. they’ll know a bit more about your situation and be able to give you more specific advice than i can. plus, they’re just infinitely cool. i’m registrar’s offices’ #1 cheerleader, tbh.

best of luck!



fees creepin’ up on us from behind

Hello again,
I was just wondering if I could get your input on this. I am 4th year student at UTSC majoring in Mathematics, minoring in Computer Science and Statistics. I am pretty late but I was thinking about changing my minors to a Computer Science major.
How much do you think it will cost in retroactive fees if I were to switch? And how much do you think OSAP would cover? I talked to several of my peers and they told me this enormous amount that they had to pay (when they switched into the program earlier). I really would like to switch, but I am scared it might be way too costly.

Thank you!


hey there,

if you’re going into fourth year, you’ll be charged the deregulated computer science fee for your fourth year. you will also be charged retroactively for your second and third year, but it’s not as bad as you think:

you will only be charged the difference between what you paid in your second and third years and the computer science fee (for each year). for simplicity’s sake, let’s say you paid $7000 in first year, and the computer science fee was $10 000. that means you would retroactively be charged $3000 for second and third year.

you can take a look at the exact amount it will cost by checking the fee schedule for computer science and then subtracting your previous years’ fees from that amount, two times.

so, it’s not as bad as it could be, but it’s still a lot of money.

as for how much OSAP would cover: that all depends, and the answer is a bit complicated, so buckle in.

OSAP will consider your higher fees when deciding how much funding to give you. however, the amount they give you may not be enough to cover what you need.

also, OSAP does have a maximum amount that they give, meaning that it’s possible for you to max out. if your need exceeds that maximum amount, then you’ll have to turn to other ways to scrape the bucks together – typically, that’s UTAPS.

you can use UTAPS’ funding estimator to figure how much you’re likely to get from them. if OSAP and UTAPS together still aren’t enough, you can appeal to OSAP.

all that being said, we are coming up quite close to the deadline to register (August 17th for UTSC students), so i’d highly recommend you hightail it to your registrar’s office and talk about this with them right away. it’s also probably a good idea to talk with a financial aid advisor, to go over some of the finer points relating to OSAP, UTAPS and OSAP appeals.

regardless of how much money you get from OSAP/UTAPS, you’re not going to get it right away. that’s a problem because your back balance needs to be paid off before you can defer using OSAP, so you’ll likely need to negotiate some kind of arrangement with your registrar’s office where they waive that requirement and manually register you, if possible.

good luck with it.




komp psi


What do you think the GPA required will be to transfer from UTSC to St. George after first year for computer science. I know they say you usually need a minimum of a 2.5GPA, but computer science is a competitive program. So would it be something like a 3.0 or 3.5 or 4.0GPA?



hey there,

another day, another ‘what GPA do i need for x thing’ question. another chance to disappoint people with vague and unsatisfying answers.

i don’t know what the GPA will be, because computer science doesn’t know what the GPA will be. it all kinda depends on how other people who applied to transfer did, how the kids currently in the program at utsg are doing, etc.

to transfer in general, you need a ‘B’ average. however, if you want to get into computer science after first year, you’ll need to meet the downtown campus’ requirements for the program, which you can find here. so make sure you do as well as possible in CSC148H3 and any other comp. sci courses you take.

if you want more specific information and/or you want to make sure you’re taking all the courses necessary to transfer, feel free to have a chat with the computer science department at utsg, and/or enrolment services (this is also pretty useful).

best of luck with your transfer journey!



if the first four people on the waitlist were to “disappear”…

Sorry to bother you, but I’m currently 5th on the waitlist (out of 240 spaces) for a lecture that I really need to be in (CSC148H1S).
I understand that being in the top 10% of the people in the course gives me a good chance of getting in, but I can’t be too sure. So I was wondering how fast the waitlists move around the first week of Winter classes (or in the first week of semesters if it’s too specific), based on my current situation.
Many thanks!


hey there,

i mean, not only are you in the top 10% of the class size, you’re in the top 2%. you’re playing with some nice odds there.

i know it seems frustrating now since the waitlist is NOT MOVING AT ALL OH GOD, but it will move in the first week. especially considering this is a first year class, and so a lot of people won’t know what to expect from it, a lot of people are gonna drop it after the first class.

oh no,” they’ll say indignantly after the first half-hour of lecture. “this is not at ALL what i signed up for.”

in fact, i’ve heard stories of people up and leaving classes at the break, not even staying for the whole first lecture, going straight home and dropping the course right away. trust me, it happens, and it’ll happen for CSC148.

so yeah, have a backup because that’s just good sense, but i’d say your chances are pretty good.




computing your way to comp. sci.

I might not be able to take the required courses to meet the 1st Criteria for the Computer Science Major, so I’m planning on applying for this subject POST during my second year, when I meet the 2nd Criteria.
So is it harder to get in the major for the second criteria than for the first? And if I apply during my second or third years, how do retroactive program fees work for Computer Science?


hey there,

before i dive right into it, i just wanna clarify that you can only apply for subject POSts between April and September of any given year. so your next opportunity to apply to the comp. sci. major will be in the summer after second year. jsyk.

it’s not necessarily harder to get in on the 2nd criteria. if you complete CSC207H1 and CSC236H1 with a combined average of at least 70% (and you’ve completed the required 1st year courses), then you will definitely be accepted into the major.

that said, most people are accepted after first year, but if you do get that magic number of 70% as an average in those two second-year courses, then you’re in. so don’t let numbers discourage you.

as for retroactive fees, basically what happens is that the comp. sci fee will be applied to your ROSI account, for every session you weren’t in computer science at uoft AFTER the session in which you accumulate four total credits.

so if you get into comp. sci after second year, assuming you completed at least 4.0 FCEs in first year, and you didn’t do any summer courses, you would be retroactively charged the difference between the artsci fee and the comp. sci fee for your second year.

you can take a look at the fee and all the subtle, subtle regulations relating to this on page 3 of this document. note that there’s a mistake in Note 2 on Table 1: you will not be charged Commerce fees, but rather comp. sci fees, which is the ~$11k that’s listed.

c’mon, fees.utoronto. get it together.

good luck on getting into comp. sci., my friend,



mysterious impossible courses

Hi! I was looking at summer courses, and I came across CSC207H1Y. Would students have gotten a half-credit or a full credit? How would this impact their eligibility for a summer work-study position? Thanks.


hey there,

i think you misread the course code there, chum. i see a CSC207H1 on the 2014 summer timetable, but no CSC207H1Y.

and it’s a good thing, too, because ‘H1Y’ is not a thing (at least, in the faculty of arts & science – not true for the faculty of engineering, or for certain independent studies courses in artsci).

you can’t be in a half-year course and a full-year course at the same time. unless you’re cheating.

anyway, if you’re in a half-year course, you’d need to pick up at least 0.5 more credits over the summer to be eligible for work-study.





give me an extra 5% for being charming

I’m currently a grade 12 student in Vaughan Ontario. I am taking Grade 12 University Advanced Functions. I’m currently at an 87, and am not pleased with my mark. If I were to retake this course, what would be the consequences?

I am interested in going into computer sciences.


Sorry I to clarify I did the course in grade 11. I fast tracked math. I will be completing my grade 12 year this year.

I also wanted to know if the additional 5% from extra-curricular activity participation counts toward the overall average when it comes to eligibility for scholarships. Furthermore; what are the automatic scholarship amounts for an average of 90% and 95%?


hey there,

(note: this question is a follow-up to the one i answered here. read that if you’d like a little bit of context).

i stand by what i said before – an 87% is a good mark. it would do you more harm to retake it now than to just leave it and focus all your energies on doing well in calc.

as for the additional 5% from extra-curricular participation, i…have no idea what you’re talking about. is that something your high school does? do they add 5% to your average for participating in extra-curriculars? that’s amazing.

anyway, since i’ve never heard of this being a thing, it’s hard for me to answer the question. i’m inclined to say no, just because the overall average is specifically of your top 6 marks including prereqs, and unless this extra-curricular participation counts as a class, it probably won’t be included. however, since this is the first time i’m encountering this, i could very well be wrong. i would contact enrolment services to make sure.

the automatic entrance scholarship for someone with over a 92% is $2000, which can buy you a lot of Mr. Noodles in your first year. there are also faculty/college scholarships galore – with one of those, you could even get a bowl and some utensils and use them to eat your Mr. Noodles!

best of luck with the application process,



computers are my calling

I was a part time student last year which was my first year. The program I was admitted to was social science but after this first year I decided that computer science is where I wanna be. What’s the procedure for switching from social sci to comp sci?


hey there,

well, it depends on the campus. i’m gonna assume you’re st. george because it’s the most likely option. see? probability and math can be used to solve real-life problems when people don’t teLL YOU WHICH CAMPUS THEY’RE AT MY GOSH.

moving on.

it all depends on what you took in first year. the simple answer is that you need to have taken all the prerequisites for the subject POSt (note that the prereqs for applying after first year are different from applying after the second). then apply during the correct enrolment period.

you will also need to complete a total of 4.0 FCEs before you can apply to the comp. sci. POSt. since you were a part-time student in first year, i’m guessing you haven’t gotten there yet. if that’s the case, you can take this year to get up to the minimum requirement, make sure you’ve met all the prereqs for computer science, and then apply next april.

best of luck,



a cross-campus migration

Hey aska!

I have a small question for you, well not really small. So I’m an incoming first year going into comp sci at utm. I want to transfer to st George after this year but when I looked at program requirement I saw that some courses were different. At utm I need cs 108 and 148 and mat135 and 102. As st George I need Mat 136 and csc108 and 148 and be more cs course not offered at utm. I’m going to take 148 and 108 but what about the math course that has no direct equivalent? Should I wait until the summer and take it at utsg then transfer or take the utm requirement just in case ? And how does the transfer process work? Will you get admitted into a program or just into the university like a first year? I’m so confused and I can’t find much info on how the process work. Anything will help really!

Extremely Lost


hey there extremely lost,

i know it’s hard to believe, but a lot could change between this year and next year. you may decide you don’t want to transfer, or your transfer app. could be refused. either way, it’s important that you make sure you’re taking the first-year comp. sci. requirements for utm, just in case you stick around there longer than you plan to.

but let’s say you do apply to transfer. not all the courses at each campus are going to match up. otherwise it’d be…you know…the same program. your MAT134Y5/135Y5/137Y5 may (though i can’t say this with any certainty because i don’t work at transfer credit) count as equivalent to our MAT135H1/136H1, so i wouldn’t worry too much about that.

as long as you take your req’d utm courses and your marks are competitive, you’ll be eligible to apply to st. george. i doubt it’ll be necessary to take any courses downtown.

if you do apply to transfer, there are two possibilities. the first is that you’re accepted into the computer science specialist or major. the second is that you’re not accepted to the programs, but you are accepted to UTSG as a general, program-less student, in which case you could retake CSC148H1 and CSC165H1 to try and get a higher mark and apply again. the process to transfer follows roughly the same timeline as the timeline to apply straight from high school. you can learn more specifics here and here.

that’s a pretty quick and dirty explanation. if you do some more research and you run into any more confusion, don’t hesitate to e-mail back! best of luck with it.



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