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will you MISS me when i’m gone, MISSissauga?


I’m a first year English student at UofT Mississauga. I wanted to transfer to UofT St.George next year. What do I need to do in order to do so? What is the cgpa I need to get in and when do I need to apply? and how hard is it to get in, because I heard it’s difficult to transfer.


hey there,

logistically, it’s actually easier for you to transfer between uoft campuses than people at other universities. so you’ve go that going for you.

now, don’t get too excited: i’m not saying you WILL get in. i’m just saying it’s not IMPOSSIBLE, if you meet the requirements.

so, as for requirements, it’s pretty straightforward. all you need is to meet any program requirements, and have a decent CGPA.

that means at least a ‘B’ average and, assuming you want to transfer into English at UTSG, there are no specific program requirements UNLESS you’re interested in the specialist, in which case you’ll need at least a 73% in your school’s equivalent to ENG110Y1, ENG140Y1, or ENG150Y1.

all the application deadlines you could ever possibly need are here.

best of luck in your quest down town,



utm vs. utsg – let’s get ready to rumbleeee

Hey! 🙂
Ariiite… I am in a huge dilemma right now… I’m in grade 12, and I want to get into Life Sciences at University of Toronto.
People say that U of T (St. George Campus) is reeeeaalllyyyy competitive and hard and you’re dying every minute over there (as said by my friend who is a first year there). Other people say that Life Sciences at UTM is easier. It’s confusing… Which campus has a better Life Science program?? I want to make sure that I’m in a place where I’d be able to successfully complete my degree without having to worry about too much competition and all the crazy stuff first year students talk about. LOL

Oh and also, I heard that if you take Life Sciences at UTM, your classes are going to be in both St. George and Mississauga campuses. Is that true?

~Thank you~


hey there,

alright, i’m gonna try to put this nicely: figuring out which program is easier is not what you should be doing.

first year is hard, no matter the school. people who say “i work twice as hard as everyone else because i’m at uoft” are likely not doing very well and are trying to soothe a shattered ego. unfortunately, these people exist at all schools. they?go out every night and then moan to you every morning about how somehow, somehow, they’re failing chem. you can’t get away from their ego-stroking, asinine nattering. what you should do, whatever school you end up at, is ignore them.

as for competition, it’s a bit like the flying spaghetti monster: it only exists if you believe in it.

but you already know all that! you want to “successfully complete your degree.” i want that for you too; i also want you to get into a program you’ll really enjoy, because that’s the only way you’ll ever get through it. so let’s find out what it is.

as a starting point, i’d recommend taking a look at all the life science programs for both campuses: here’s utsg’s, and here’s utms. if you know what area you’re interested in and only one school offers it, then your choice is already made! but let’s say, for argument’s sake, that you’re interested in a program offered at both universities – biology, for example. next, take a look at the kinds of courses you’ll take at both schools for that program (here’s utsg’s biology courses and utm’s biology courses, just to follow through on the example).

are there some courses you’re not keen on taking? does one program offer more flexibility than the other, and you’re thinking you might want to double major or pick up a minor? do you really only want to do one program (as a specialist, for example), and you’d prefer the program that has more required courses? these are all things to think about.

when you’ve properly thought about and researched all these things, you’ll be so well-prepared to make the decision that you’re likely to have a far better first year than your friend who is “dying every minute.” asking me for a second opinion was a great decision, and wanting to avoid the “craziness” tells me you really want to do well and not get caught up in pointless platitudes. now continue those great decisions by doing some real research and not trusting what a bunch of random people are telling you (not including me, of course. i am not a random).

also, don’t worry if you don’t know the answer to any of these questions yet. it’s a lot to think about. lucky for you, you’ve got lots of time to think about it. and if you run into any more trouble in the process of your researching, don’t hesitate to come to me for clarification!

sorry for the novel. hope that was helpful, friend.



P.S. some utm courses are downtown, but it depends on the program! there’s no way for me to tell you exactly which classes are held downtown, but it may happen to you. there’s a bus that carries these people back and forth though, so i wouldn’t worry about it.


everybody, everybody wants to be downtown (yeah)


I am a first-year student currently attending UTM. It was my plan all along to live at home and attend UTM for my first-year, and then switch over to UTSG (where my program of interest is) for the remainder of my undergraduate degree. I’m just about ready to submit my transfer app.

The site says that for transfer students in their first year (They also said this when I contacted them) They look at your first year marks, as well as your grade 12 makrs from highschool. They do not look at transfer credits as first-year students aren’t eligible to use them.

To the best of your knowledge, is it very easy to transfer, since it is just between campuses?

Please get back to me!


hey there,

“please get back to me,” as if i ever DON’T get back to people. c’mon guys, doncha know by now that you can TRUST me? i’m like the friendly neighbour down the hall who always talks with you in the laundry room even when you’re pretending really hard to read a book: dependable. chatty. always there. regular in my laundry habits.

now, about your question. one, what ‘transfer credit’ are you referring to? do you mean ib/ap credits from high school? or transfer credits from first year? because i transferred to the downtown campus after first year and i got transfer credit for both those things. you gotta be specific in your questions, peeps.

anyway, is it easy? i mean, yeah, bureaucratically speaking. you just use the internal application that i’m sure you’ve already got in order, follow the instructions and voila! i don’t think it’s any more or less easy than transferring from another canadian university.

obviously, if you didn’t do very well in your first year, you’re going to run into some problems (i’d say that a first-year average of 5% lower than the cut-off your program uses to admit students from grade 12 will give you a good shot at getting in), and it’s harder to get into some programs than others (i’m lookin’ at you, commerce) but i think that goes without saying. you should hear back from them in late march/early april. it’s all pretty straightforward after that: you just, y’know, get on the train to a different school.




campus hopping

I was wondering if transfer within UofT (not hard to guess from where to UTSG) is also possible during the winter session. I know the dates are already over for this year, but supposing a student wanted to transfer downtown, but missed it during Fall 2012, would he be able to do it in the next semester? Would the rules be any different for a student in second year? For a student who, like many, is considering transferring to the “other” campus location, what would be a possible source of difficulty in enrollment and beyond?
Thank you much.


hello. this is an old question. if you’d like to see why i am answering these BLASTS FROM THE PAST, please go here! thanks!



hey there,

well, i’ll get the bad news out of the way first, like a merciful omniscient question-resolver: unfortunately, you can only register for the fall term. since many of uoft’s courses are full-year courses, it’s really not possible to be admitted mid-year. you can apply and get accepted for the fall and then only take winter term courses, but if you’ve missed the application date for this fall, you’ll have to wait until next year’s application dates for next fall. it sucks, i know, but that’s course logistics for you.

are the rules different for second year? nope. everyone’s in the same boat. i mean it’s not like the university is PUNISHING you and only once you reach second year have you EARNED THE RIGHT to start in winter term. it’s just that starting in fall is the only time that it really makes sense. these “rules” aren’t just there to be arbitrary, annoying and bureaucratic. i know, it’s a shock. it’s ok. take some time to adjust to the idea.

as for difficulties with enrolment, i can’t think of any obvious ones. as a transfer student from another canadian university, my switch into uoft was pretty smooth. as long as you meet the deadlines and requirements, you should be a-ok. there may be some kind of CONTROVERSY in transferring that i’m not aware of, and i’d suggest stalking the st. george tag if you wanna find out more about that, but for me, transferring and then enrolling/registering was actually really simple. who saw that coming, amirite? as for adjusting academically and whatnot, honestly, it won’t be that big a change. you’re coming from university to university; i wouldn’t start to panic just yet.

good luck man (or whatever the past tense of that is – i hope you had good luck, i guess),



one point for utm

Hi there,
I’m a second year utm student considering taking some courses at st george next year. I’ve grown used to the UTM Course Timetable Planner and I can’t seem to find anything like it for st george. Could it be the system isn’t as easy?? I’ve looked at the arts and science calendar and the anti-calendar, so I guess I’m just wondering if U of T is yet in the process of making a system for st george that is as easy as utm’s.




Are you kidding me? I can’t believe UTM has that as a resource. Do you realize that in order to see if a course has space in it, you have to plug it into to rosi one by one at UTSG.

Let’s compare:
UTM: all the information you could ever need

UTSG you will need all of the following resources:
Course information

Course times/locations

To find out if there is space

So, the answer is no … they haven’t thought to combine all of that information into one system.

This round goes to UTM.



The Time Has Come – Domination of The Colleges

Hello, I have a question; I was just wondering how many colleges does the St. George campus consist of and what are their names?


Dear either Eager Grade 12 Student, or Little Late First Year Student

The time has come for these colleges to finally be explained, and have you hit the motherload because I’m about to blow your mind (figuratively … and potentially literally) with a vast amount of infomation.

To answer this question straight up: there are 7 Colleges:

Innis College, New College, St. Micheal’s, Trinity, University, Victoria, Woodsworth.

Now if you want to know about each one, take a virtual tour, find the inside so you look cool when you call them by their shortforms … please … read on young vulnerable students.

– Every Arts and Science student is apart of a College, whether you live in residence or live off campus

– The colleges DO NOT affect you academically; no matter what college? your associated with you can take any of the Arts and Science classes offered.

– NO there is not one specific college with really hot guys/gals

– YES there are duds, stinky folk, and hermits at all colleges

Let’s rank these bad boys:

There’s ton of things to consider when applying, your interests, size of college, which one had the best funnels and most promiscuous members. Check out the ranking site (yah U of T has thought of everything) and see all the specifics you should consider.

Keep in mind: the smallest Colleges will only consider you if they rank them number one (snots); so Innis, Trinity and Victoria College

Trinity and Victoria Colleges also make their decision based on appliciant profiles.

Academic cut-offs also change from year to year based on size and range of demand

If wanting to live in Woodsworth Residence, it must be ranked number one

The Ominous Colleges:

Innis (Innis College)

Perk: One of the smaller colleges; meaning smaller lines for OSAP (trust me … no one wants to wait two hours to pick it up, two hours to get it processed at the post office and another 7-14 days to get in your bank account … starving students need their money stat).

Innis Website

Virtual Tour

New (New College)

Perk: uuuh it’s relatively new, well in relation to the rest of the school, so theres lots of cement in the resedences … is that a perk, i dunno.

New Website

Virtual Tour

St. Mikes (St. Micheal’s College)

Perk: If your Catholic, this residence will make your parents happy, while still allowing you to have fun. If your not Catholic and just like stained glass, they welcome people from all religious (or non-religious) backgrounds.

Mike’s Website

Virtual Tour

Trin (Trinity College)

Perk: You get to live out your dream of being Ron Weasley. The residence looks like a scene from the Great Hall, AND you wear robes to your meals (seriously, I’m not messing with you). Trin is one of the smallest and hardest to get into, so for those who want to look fancy you can try for this one.

Trin Website

Virtual Tour

UC (University College)

Perk: Looking like a castle, but one of the larger college (so less intense to get into); residences are right on St. George; solid social life.

UC Website

Virtual Tour

Vic (Victoria University)

Perk: Margaret Atwood, and Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson (who the hell is that?) are both were from Vic. They have my personal fav library E.J Pratt Library (screw the harsh cold nature of Robarts, except the 9th and 12th floors).

Vic Website

Virtual Tour

Woodsworth (yaah, they’re still just Woodsworth … or we can try to start Woody as their nickname)

Perk: New residence on the corner of Bloor and St.George, modern furniture and plenty of windows (its pretty much a glass building… isn’t there a saying about living in a glass house, maybe its different for apartments)

Woody Website

Virtual Tour

Don’t say I never supply you with links


Love your dearest companion,


making history

Hi there,

I am crazy about history but UTSC offers about 1/1000 of the number of courses offered downtown.

Now being from UTSC means ROSI won’t let me see what courses downtown are full or what courses have a waitlist so I was hoping someone whose home campus is downtown could tell me what the situation was for the following courses.


On a minor note, is HIS301H1 a full credit?

I thank you in advance for your help 🙂


Ooh, a history buff! I hope along with your knowledge of the Cold War, you have a buff bod as well. (New rule on Askastudent, questioners must submit full body shots.) Uh, anyways here is the answers to your waitlist woes. HIS 301H1 for the record, is a half credit, hence the “H” designiation. (Full year courses are “Y” courses.) It is offered in the spring semester at St. George, time TBD.

Now the fun part!

HIS301H1 – “S”, 21 students on the waitlist for 75 spots
HIS314H1 – “F”, course has been canceled!
HIS345H1 – not being offered this year! Did you even look at the timetable this year?
HIS384H1 – ditto
HIS385H1 “S”, 18 students on the waitlist for 120 spots

Hope that helps. You so owe me, dude.

xoxo, Askastudent


or in other words, i don’t know

Hi there.

I recently got admitted to UTSG for Life Science. As of now, it pretty much looks like I’m going to end up studying there. I was just wondering what your opinions are regarding the whole ~UTSG is a GPA raper thing~ and all that jazz. I’m sure that a student’s response (hopefully one who is currently in the LifeSci program) will enlighten me a little.

The reason why I’m asking is that I want to keep my options open for medical school. I’m not entirely sure whether or not I want to go into medicine but hopefully my undergraduate studies will clarify my uncertainty. I know that medical schools across Canada require a high GPA and I’m sure that I can get decent grades if I study hard enough but is U of T really as hard as it is cut out to be? Would my chances to get into medical school be greater if I did my undergrad in another university, say York, Queen’s or McMaster?




everything’s waiting for you!

im battling with the idea of transfering downtown or staying at utm and taking courses downtown.
i know that utm students cant register for utsg courses until august. Im worried ill get stuck on a waitlist and wont get into the courses i want.
I live in Mississauga and i like the idea of being able to take the shuttle bus back and forth.
but is it worth it?
should i just transfer to utsg?
i figured that by taking some courses downtown next year i could see if its worth transfering. but i heard its harder to transfer after 2nd year (im first year now)
the deadline for transfers is this sunday, so i need to make a decision quickly.
i originally wanted to go downtown, but my parents talked me out of it. now i really regret it.
any advise would help!



the price of procrastination

Alright, so let me just get down to it .. I’m wondering about whether i’ll be accepted into UTSG for LifeSci .. so, these are my top 6 marks
Chem – 74
Calculus&Vectors- 88
Physics – 82
English – 93
History – 89



citric acid

I know you (usually) give witty and/or useless and acerbic responses. But bear w/ me on this one! I’d like to go to law school (not Dalhousie’s) and my grades are steady 70s. While I’ve done everything in my power to improve them (i.e. writing centres, editing, turning essays in on time etc.) they have simply not budged any higher. All the while I’m being told idiots from UTSC/UTM are going to get the same degree as I do at St. George for less effort and that UofT bell curves like it’s a fetish. So my question is this: What on earth could I possibly do (other than dropping out) to do better and stay sane? MERCI BEAUCOUP!



your secret is safe with me

I just finished my 3rd year in UTM and wanna tranfer to st george, if possible.

My gpa is really low (say, around 2.0) but it’s ok for me to give up all the marks in UTM, even some of the courses.

Is it possible and who am I supposed to talk to?




i think i’m running low on funny

i was wondering how/ when one would go about switching from one u of t campus to another. more specifically, i am currently at utm but would like to transfer to the st george campus for fall 2009. i have spoken to a few people who have done this but all have gone about it different ways. is it as simple as filling out a form from the registrar or do i need to go through ouac?

thank you


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