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blocked at every turn

I recently accidentally waitlisted in another math course than my original?one, and switched back ASAP. However, I noticed that in the process, ACORN?withdrew me from the tutorial that I had previously selected and now it?says “enrollment blocked”. Is there any way for me to get back into that?tutorial? since I understand that you technically cannot waitlist in a?tutorial to begin with..


hey there,

not sure why the enrolment is blocked, but it’s probably because the tutorial is full.

if the tutorial is full, then there’s no way to do it on ACORN yourself. the best thing to do would be to contact the department and let them know what happened to see if they can put you back in the tutorial.

also check to see if there is any other open tutorial that you can sign up for.

other than that, all you can do is hope that a tutorial will open up. remember, you have until September 27th to add and change F and Y section courses, so keep an eye on them dates.




begging for classes

I’m waiting to be accepted into a course and the only open tutorial is during one of my other classes. If I get accepted could I beg someone to let me into the earlier tutorial so I don’t have to drop that class, and if so, who?


hey there,

maaaybe; kinda depends on the class, the department, your T.A., and your own luck. however, it’s really not something to count on. i would enrol in a backup course just in case begging doesn’t pan out for you.

if you did go the begging route, you could beg the T.A. you’re with initially to transfer tutorials, but depending on the T.A., they may be totally unsympathetic to your cause. and that?is the main reason?I’m recommending backups.




the mad dash for courses CONTINUES

Hi! My name is [redacted]. I am a second year transfer student starting at Uoft this year. I want to pursue a Specialist Program in Psychology. I’ve already enrolled in almost every required course (including STA and 1FCE from second year Psychology courses). BUT, since I am not a first year student, I could not get in PSY100H1 and my rank on wait list is 312. Do you think there is any possibility I can get in this fall? Because if I don’t, I would have a huge delay in my studies, it would be like I am in first year, plus, I’d have the same problem to get in PSY100H1 next time? Any advice?

Thank you in advance 🙂


hey there,

you probably won’t be able to get into the F section of PSY100H1 with a spot that far down the waitlist. however, the winter section of PSY100H1 still has spots left – i would recommend enrolling in that one ASAP.

even if you have other courses that conflict with PSY100H1 in the S session, i’d recommend shifting your schedule around to make room for the PSY100H1. you can’t apply to the psych specialist without having taken that course, so it’s really important you take it.

the priority has dropped now, so add it as soon as you can. otherwise, your next best option would be taking it in the summer. and that would just suck.




the one time in the year you have to be up for 6am

you may not have realized it since you’ve been hyperventilating into a brown paper bag ever since your first day of course enrolment, but this Friday, August 7th is an important day.

remember back when you were doing course enrolment, and you came across a bunch of courses that ACORN wouldn’t let you enrol in, and you were really frustrated and you cried on your keyboard and you considered throwing your computer on the ground but hey, that’s an old laptop and any kind of rough handling is liable to send it into a thousand pieces that you don’t have the money to put back together?

well, odds are that those courses had a priority attached to them. a priority is a type of enrolment indicator that allows a certain set of students to enrol in a course first. after they get a chance to sign up, the course opens up to everyone in the Faculty. as long as there are spaces left, anyone can enrol.

this Friday, August 7th, at 6am is the day the priority drops and courses open up to everybody. if you’ve been sadly eyeing a course as it fills up steadily without you, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE to get in while there are still spots left.

you can check to see if the courses you’re interested in have a priority by looking at?the timetable. if there’s a ‘P’ under ‘Enrolment Indicator,’ then August 7th at 6am is your time to shine.

if there’s a P*, you’ll have to wait a little longer – August 12th at 6am.

godspeed and good fortune, my friends,



you gotta wait in line with all the others, bub

Hi! I’m a second year student looking to switch majors, so I need to take some first year courses this year. Of course, for some of them I have to wait until august 6th (I think) to enrol, and I’m worried I won’t get in. If I contact the university and explain that I need these courses for my program, even though I technically am a 2nd year who has already chosen a subject post, will they help me out or will my dreams be heartlessly crushed and left in the dust? Thanks in advance for your help!!


hey there,

a lot of people are in the same boat, so?i doubt you’re going to get a sympathetic ear from – well, anyone – if you go around asking for an exception to be made for you. “WHAT MAKES YOU SO SPECIAL, BUB?” they’ll say. (for some reason, i imagine these hypothetical university officials as having a sort of roughed up, back-alley voice. more fun that way.)

however, you can always double-check to see if there are any type 1 POSts you can add temporarily to get into the course(s) you’re interested in. if the priority’s just for first year students, though, you may be out of luck.

if it helps,?you’re not the only one in this predicament. also, many first year courses are very, very, VERY big, so there’s a better-than-normal chance that you might snag a spot on August 7th, and your dreams won’t be “heartlessly crushed and left in the dust,” as you so creatively put it.

make sure to have some backups – better safe than sorry – ?but don’t lose hope altogether, at the very least because it’s not worth it to wear out your nerves before courses even START.



P.S. the date is August 7th at 6am, not August 6th.


the #1 obstacle to course enrolment for first years


I am going into my? third year of my undergrad and I have up til now been very undesicive about what I wanted to do. I recently changed my major to sociology but I either need to take 2 minors or another major. I’d like to do a magor in anthropology (general) but the admissions requirement is that I need to take ANT100. I’ve tried to add it for the fall 2015 term but ACORN won’t let me, saying that enrollment is blocked. It doesn’t tell me why its blocked or what I can do about it. Is it because there is no more space available? I need to take ANT100 this year so I can apply for the major in the spring and I’m kind of freaking out. Do you have any suggestions for what do?

Thank you.


hey there,

alright, time to listen up, folks – especially you, first years. if your enrolment is blocked on ACORN, that is ALMOST CERTAINLY because you don’t meet the enrolment control.

what the flying fU#% is an enrolment control, aska? listen carefully, wee ones, ’cause i don’t want to have to explain this more than once.

let’s take a look at ANT100. if we look at the course listing for ANT100 on the timetable, we’ll see that there are two lecture sections – one with an ‘R’ enrolment indicator, and one with a ‘P.’

the ‘R’ stands for ‘restricted,’ which means that if you don’t meet the enrolment control (i.e. the category of people the course is targeting), you are not allowed to enrol in the course. the ‘P’ stands for ‘priority,’ which means that you can enrol in the course if you don’t meet the control, but?ONLY starting August 7th at 6am. ’til then, only the people who meet the control are allowed to enrol.

click on the “See Details” next to the enrolment indicator to figure out who meets the enrolment?control. for ANT100, it’s all 1st year St. George students, all St. George ANT POSts, and all environmental anthropology minors.

if you don’t fit any of those categories, then you’re out of luck until August 7th, when the priority lifts for section L5101.?you can’t enrol in L2001 at all, because it’s restricted.

HOWEVER, there is one loophole you can try (this won’t work if you’re a first year): check to see if any of the POSts listed under “See Details” are type 1 programs. type 1’s are programs with no admission requirements. when you add a type 1 POSt on ACORN, you’re enrolled in the program right away. SO if any of the POSts ?are type 1’s, you can go from not meeting the enrolment control to meeting it, very fast.

you’re in luck with ANT100 – the environmental anthropology minor is a type 1 program. if you add yourself to it on ACORN, you should then be able to add yourself to ANT100?with no problem (you can drop the minor after you get into the course).

keep in mind that this method doesn’t work for EVERY course. HOWEVER, it is VITAL that you check the enrolment indicators on the timetable to make sure that you are actually eligible to sign up for the course. i don’t want to be getting any panicked questions about this from first years tomorrow, ya hear?

FINALLY, if you’re going into your third year, you have to be in two majors, a major and two minors, or one specialist to enrol in courses, so?make sure you’re in one of those combinations BEFORE you try to enrol in any more courses.

best of luck with it!




the elderly in BIO120+130

Hi Aska! I was just wondering, if I don’t have priority, what are my chances of getting into BIO120+BIO130? Thanks!


hey there,

as far as first year courses go, your chances aren’t bad. there’re about 1600 spots available in BIO120, and about 1500 in BIO130. and, yes, every single flippin first year in life science will be signing up for those courses, but the faculty has made space to accommodate them and, hopefully, a few upper years, too.

besides, we all know that there are going to be a handful of first years who completely miss the memo that first year course enrolment starts on July 30th. also, there will be people who entered into life science and realized they no longer want to do life science. you know how changeable those first years are.

and that leaves at least some space for you, the opportunistic upper year preying on those first year courses like a vulture on a bloody buffalo.

so if you log into ACORN at 6am on the dot on August 7th, you just might nab a spot on the carcass. it’s not guaranteed, so make sure you’ve got a backup – these non priority courses are always a gamble – but don’t lose hope just yet.

but?maybe you shouldn’t be listening to me. i’m still holding out hope for a P* course with only 1 spot left. who’s the crazy one now?




waitlists (DUM DUM DUM)

I’ve been waitlisted for courses that I need to take, that my program requires. What do I do?


hey there,

not much you can do at this point, friend. just get on that waitlist and hope for the best. rule of thumb is that if your spot on the waitlist is within 10% of the total number of spaces in the course, then you’ve got a decent chance of getting into the class.

if there are other lecture sections that are maybe less ideal but still have spots open, you might want to rejig your schedule to make room for them.

finally: come up with backups. once you’ve gotten into as many required courses as you can, you might have to resign yourself to the fact that you’re just going to have to take a few courses in the summer or next year, and take some backup courses this year.

once the waitlist drops (on September 21st for F-section courses if you’re at UTM, which i’m gonna assume you are, based on when you sent this question), keep checking ROSI in case some space opens up. with any luck, a couple people will decide that The Regional Geography of Urban Hipsters in Midling Sized Cosmopolises* is not AT ALL what they wanted, and some space will open up when they drop the course.

best of luck to you, my friend,


* note: not a real course.


your enrolment’s blocked. my enrolment’s blocked. EVERYONE’S ENROLME –

Hey there! The courses I actually need for first year all have ‘enrolment blocked’ for classes at like, say, 9-10 on Monday mornings, but they’re available on Thurdsays at 6-7 at night… What’s up with that? Is there a time when the a.m. courses will be available, or am I screwed?


hey there,

some courses have different lecture sections for students in different programs. i’ll bet that one of those lecture sections is restricted to a group of students that doesn’t include you.

for example, CLA204H1 has three lecture sections. L2001 is restricted for Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering students, while the other two lecture sections are available to all students.

you can find all this information (and more!) on the timetable. i guarantee that this document will answer 90% of the questions you have about courses. so, y’know, use it.

just click on the “See Details” portion of the timetable for whatever course it is that’s giving you trouble, and you can find out which lecture section is restricted, and why.

happy course enrolling! try not to let the mayhem of ACORN tip you over the breaking point. we can do this – together.




tick tock!!!!!

I know that rosi/acorn gives us each a specific enrollment time but i’m wondering how they decide what time to give us?? Are they decided by POSt or simply the number of FCEs you have? (going into 2nd year if that makes a difference!) 🙂


hey there,

bless you for telling me what year you’re going into. it doesn’t?really make a difference, but it’s always best to include too much information than too little. that sends me into Crabby Snappy?Sleuth mode, and that’s no fun for anyone. though i do get to bring out my P.I. badge.

so, the more credits you have?within your year, the earlier you’ll go. meaning that?if you’re a second year with 8.5 credits will go first, and a second year with 4.0 credits will go last. people with 8.0 credits go second, 7.5 go get the gist.

have fun enrolling in approximately 25% of the courses you actually want!




managing a management tangle

Hello, i know im a bother but i really dont get this. While i was adding courses to my enrollment cart, I read that i should not take any courses that say extension exclusive, however they ARE my required courses.. I am taking management and it is telling me that i am not allowed to take mgm101, mgm102, mgt120, and soc100(as an elective). How can i not take my required courses and i want to study management? I cant avoid theses courses when they are what i need to get my credits. Please help me. Apparently my program is the specialist which only needs ECO. Can i still take the courses for the major ( add MGM and MGT) if i want to switch to the major program, even when it us said they are ordered exclusive?


hey there,

do you want to study management, or have you been admitted to management? because those are two very different things, my friend.

every course you’re trying to add to your enrolment cart has an enrolment control, so if you’re not in management yet, that’s probably why you can’t add those courses to your cart.*

  • MGM101H5 and MGM102H5 have a restriction for management, business, commerce, biotechnology and digital enterprise management students.
  • MGT120H5 is restricted to management, business and commerce students.
  • SOC100H5 is restricted to first-year UTM students.

so that leaves me with a couple of guesses regarding your situation. it would be easier if you’d told me this information and i didn’t have to guess, but hey, life isn’t always a chairful of bowlies, now is it? (but for future askees: PLEASE, info like your campus, year and program would be awesome to know. i might actually be able to answer your question).

if you can’t get into any of those courses, then that tells me that you are neither a management student nor a first-year student. i don’t know what specialist you’re talking about, so i can’t help with that.

but the bottom line is this: you need to be enrolled in a management, commerce or business degree program to be able to take those MGM and MGT courses.

if you ARE already in the management program and you still can’t take those courses, then it could be because you have an exclusion that is preventing you from taking them. if that’s not the case, then you need to take to your registrar’s office about it, because i am out of ideas.

best of luck,


* man, ‘add to cart’ sounds so amazon, doesn’t it? acorn is weird.


you can’t really understand course enrolment until you’ve lived through it

Picking my first year courses and I was wondering do a lot of first years not get into the courses they want due to the amount of people signing up? I don’t really have backup courses….


hey there,

as with everything at uoft, that question depends on a tangle of finicky little conditions. because why would things ever be simple at this university?

i’m gonna try and give you a general sketch of how course enrolment tends to go down, and then you can make your game plan from there.

the lowdown:

the faculty of arts & science, in their infinite wisdom, knows very well what courses first year students need to get into subject POSts. there’s a group of regular suspects: BIO120+130, CHM138+139, MAT133/135+136, PHY131+132, PSY100, CSC108H1, SOC101, ENG140, CLA160, POL101. and i didn’t even have to look at the course calendar for that. come at me, faculty registrars.

because everyone needs to take the same handful of classes, they try to set it up so that there’s enough space for you all. they do this by 1) making the classes MASSIVE, and 2) giving certain students priorities. a priority is basically a restriction on a course that lets some students enrol in it before others.

let’s take CSC108H1 – introduction to computer programming – as an example to see how this works.

if you take a look at CSC108 on the timetable (tip: bookmark the timetable now; it’ll by your absolute best friend for course planning), you’ll see that there is a ‘P’ under the column ‘Enrolment Indicator.’ that ‘P’ stands for priority.

if you click on ‘See Details,’ you’ll see that first-year UTSG Computer Science students have priority for this course. that means they’ll be able to enrol in the course earlier than everyone else. this is called the ‘priority period.’

on July 30th, when course enrolment opens for first-year students, first year computer science students ONLY will be able to enrol in CSC108H1. then, when the priority lifts on August 7th at 6am, everyone else will have the opportunity to sign up for the course.

what this system boils down to is this: if you’re in the priority group for a big class, you should be fine. if you’re planning on taking any courses that are smaller, more obscure, or that you don’t have priority for, i would highly recommend you get yourself some backups, pronto.

notice i said ‘backups,’ plural. the faculty does everything they can to stop course enrolment from spiralling into a hunger games-esque nightmare, but there’s only so much they can do.

ALSO: make sure that you’re ready to start enrolling in courses the MINUTE YOUR START TIME HITS. have all the course codes of the classes you want to take (including backups) ready to go. if your start time is at 6am, you best be at your computer and ready to go at 5:55. too early? need to sleep? too bad. i promise you this won’t be the first time uoft forces you out of bed.

keep in mind that first-years are the last people who get to sign up for courses, so you’re at a bit of a disadvantage already. don’t’make it worse by showing up late to the party.

finally, remember that loads of people will drop out of classes after the first week, so it’s a good idea to enrol in place-holder courses while you wait for a class you absolutely NEED to become available again. waitlists are a great way to do this easily.

as long as you unquestioningly follow all of aska’s advice, you should be able to get into most of the classes you want.

do as i say not as i do




S is for summer (NOT)


I’m coming back to U of T after being suspended in 2005. I want to take a summer course if it’s possible. I went to my registrar and in addition to paying the $25 re-registration fee I also paid a $19 late registration fee.

Now I’m trying to sign up for a summer course on ROSI. I can see that the deadline has passed but I thought that’s what the late fee was for. I’m trying to get into one of the courses that start June 29th. On the enrollment page, though, the header reads “2015-2016 Fall/Winter – A&S Bachelor’s Degree Program (ASPRGHBA) Status: Invited”.

The problem is that when I try to enroll I get a message saying “NMC277H1 S is not offered in 2015-2016 Fall/Winter session. Please contact your
college or faculty registrar’s office or graduate department for assistance.” It’s the same error for any course I try. I mean, of course an S course isn’t offered in the F/W session, right? How do I get to a page where I can sign up for summer courses?



hey there,

you’ve got a whole bunch of terminology all twisted up there, friend. that’ll happen when you’re away from uoft for 10 years – not that i would know what that feels like. this place will never let me go.

but i digress. lemme straighten a few things out for you:

1. if you paid the late registration fee to get invited, you would’ve gotten invited either to the Summer session or the Fall/Winter session. if you got invited to Fall/Winter, then you wouldn’t be able to sign up for Summer courses. and it’s way too early to sign up for Fall/Winter courses at this point.

if you got invited to the Summer session, then you need to make sure you’re enrolling in Summer courses, not Fall/Winter. (you can check which session you’re invited to by going to the home page of ROSI, opening Summer 2015, and checking your academic status. it’ll say one of three things: ‘invited,’ ‘registered,’ or ‘financially cancelled.’)

2. NMC277H1 isn’t offered in the summer, so even if you tried to sign up for that course in the summer, you wouldn’t be able to.

3. ‘S’ means ‘second term,’ not summer, so don’t assume that because it has an ‘S’ attached to the course code, that it’s offered in the summer. you can take a look at courses that ARE offered in the summer session here.

and with all that, you should be set to start enrolling in summer courses!

good luck studying on picnic blankets out in the blistering heat and stuff,


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