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Hey aska:) When do people usually go on exchange? Is third or fourth year too busy for it? Oh and I have 5.5 transfer credits from Western last year, can I still get more credits from exchange?



you can go on exchange whenever! there isn’t really a time that is better! third or fourth year won’t necessarily be too busy for exchange, it really depends on what works for you.

the only condition about going on exchange in your fourth year is that you won’t be able to convocate in the same semester that you go abroad, you’d have to wait until the next semester because transfer credits will take a while to process and they might not process in time for convocation. it might be a deal breaker for some, but you’ll just need to convocate at a later date.

in terms of credits, i contacted the people at the centre for international experience (a place you should definitely check out) and they said:

“The Faculty has a residency requirement.  10.0 FCEs must be completed in the
Faculty. Hence, a student can receive up to a maximum of 10.0 FCEs.  A
student might have 10.0 FCE at the time of admission, hence, they will not be
eligible to receive any post-admission transfer credits. The maximum
post-admission transfer credits is 5.0 FCE (one year of study).  Without
knowing who the student is, I am assuming based on the correspondence that
the student received 5.5 on-admission from Western.  If this is the case,
then the student can participate in the exchange program.  If they decide to
participate for one term they can receive the full 2.5 FCEs.  No problem.  If
the student decides to participate for two terms the maximum we can award
back is 4.5 FCEs.”

it’s a little confusing, but if you have any more questions, you should email the CIE or the transfer credit contact at the CIE directly!

going to see your registrar is also a good idea because you can talk to them to see if going on exchange is right for you!

hope this helped- have fun and be safe! here’s a cheesy tumblr post for ya

peace and love,






je m’excuse, je ne parle pas le francais

heya aska. this is a question that is not u of t-specific necessarily, but i can’t seem to find the answer anywhere online, so thought i would ask here first before resorting to talking to whomever in whatever administrative position that would know. i completed the explore program in summer 2015 (at a u of t-approved university) but still haven’t transferred the credit (for ~complicated reasons~); i’m just wondering if anyone knows if it counts for 1.0 FCE or just 0.5. thanks !



i contacted the french department’s study elsewhere coordinator (a lovely man named Paul) and he was very helpful in answering your question! i’ve paraphrased his words below:

in short, all explore courses are worth 1.0 FCE, but there are other steps you need to take to ensure you receive the transfer credit.

  1. you need to go to the transfer credit office at sidney smith hall (100 st. george street) and fill out a transfer credit application
  2. then, arrange to have your Explore course transcript sent to the transfer credit office at sid smith
  3. after that, contact french.secretary(at) to book a french placement test
  4. after the test, forward the results to the transfer credit office

our friend Paul also included the following note: “if you have already taken an FSL course at U of T, the placement test result must show that your level has increased by the one full course in order to be eligible to receive a transfer credit”.

hope this helps!

bonne chance!

paix et amour,




inauguration day/ come back home


I completed my first year at UTM in the 2015-16 school year, in good academic standing. I had to move at the end of my first year to the U.S., and so transferred to an American University. Turns out I may be returning around Fall 2017, though! So, my question is, would my one year off just count as a gap year? Would I be able to transfer my American credits back to UTM? I checked transfer explorer, and it doesn’t even recognize my American Uni’s name, lol, so I don’t have much context for my courses.

I hope you can maybe provide some insight here? Has this happened before?

Any light you can shed on the situation would be greatly helpful!



An unintentional and unwilling exchange student who regrets moving




welcome back, maybe!

there isn’t really an official term that designates a ‘gap year’ at UTM, but basically if you’ve been gone for 12 consecutive months, you’ll have to reactivate your student record.

you can do that by going online at this link if you’ve been away for 12 consecutive months. once you reactivate, you need to make sure you pay tuition with 12 months or else your reactivation will expire.

in terms of your transfer credits, i’m not exactly sure why your university doesn’t show up, but you’ll be applying for a slightly different kind of transfer credit: a post-admission transfer credit.

a combination of these two actions should get you back on the right track, however, it would be best to contact your registrar at UTM to make sure you’ve done everything correctly and to confirm that you have indeed reactivated your student record.

hope this works, and hey, you’ve picked a good time to move back to canada!

peace and love and hope for america,



final destination

For undergrad, can someone do two years at York then transfer to UofT for the last two years? Is this difficult to do? Honestly thinking of doing this as I really want to go to UofT but I’m an international student and cannot afford 40k tuition each year for four years.



it is definitely possible to transfer to U of T from york but it’s a whole process. not a terrible process, but a process nonetheless.

first, you need to be in pretty good academic standing, and by pretty good, i mean a solid B average. if the program you are trying to enter is more competitive, you might need to contact the department for a more accurate average.

second, you can’t apply if you are more than 2 years into a degree, meaning if you were to transfer into the same program after 3 years of york, you wouldn’t be able to, you’d have to apply for a different program.

third, you have to meet all the high school entry requirements as well as university requirements for your program.

the application process will be through OUAC105 since you won’t be applying as a high school student, and after you are admitted, you will need to have your transfer credits assessed by U of T. the university can grant you a maximum of 5 transfer credits (1 full year).

the whole transfer process is outlined nicely at this link, so take a look!

basically, it’s not that difficult if you meet all the requirements and are in good academic standing. however, all things considered, transferring to another university is a huge change and you might want to think about whether or not you want to leave your already established group of friends and community.

hope you make the right decision!

peace and love,





Do you think it is easier to form a community and actually have a group of freinds much easier at Mississuaga than t St. George?

While transferring from St George to Mississauga, if I have five credits, will all my five credits be transferred?

Thank you very much.



wow, another subjective question! i wish i could just say something along the lines of “put on a canada goose jacket, walk 20 steps northwest of convocation hall, do your best goose call and wait for your new friends to flock over” but unfortunately life does not work in such wonderful ways.

regarding friends and communities: i can’t speak for utm since i’ve spent my whole undergrad at utsg, but it really doesn’t matter which campus you’re a part of, it’s all about you. i know that seems really deep but it’s actually quite simple.

friends are easy to make if you make yourself available and keep an open mind. if you’re rude and distant to people, chances are, you won’t make very many friends. when we were younger, we were taught not to talk to strangers. i’d say now that we’re in university, talking to strangers is the only way to go about making friends. you won’t be the only one at either utm or utsg looking to make a friend. during a break in class, maybe strike up a conversation with someone who looks approachable. small talk does suck, but at least after that, you’ll know one person in your class! the easiest way to start a conversation, i find, is giving someone a compliment. i’m not saying that you should say “omg you’re so hot” to that guy who should be pursuing a modelling career instead of being in your class, but something simple like: “nice pencil case!” can be good. if they seem reluctant to continue the conversation, just move on to another person! easy as that!

profs will sometimes even force you to talk to the person seated beside you in class. this is usually just so you can have a buddy in class to catch you up if you miss a class, but that’s also a way to meet people!

aska story time: i once made a friend in class because she said “i like your superman shirt!” and then “i like your hair!” and then “i like you!” to me. it was a bit much, but we’re friends now and that’s all that matters.

if all else fails, please try the goose call method and let me know what happens.

in terms of being part of a community, we all have different definitions of communities. communities can close-knit and not so close-knit (? can’t think of a better word). joining a club or being part of a residence can automatically make you belong to a community, but it all depends on you and your willingness to participate and be involved. find a club from the ulife list of something you’re interested in. attend a meeting or an event. if you like it, continue showing up and see what happens! the more involved you are, the more close you’ll be with others in a community!

if you’re transferring from UTSG’s faculty of arts and science to UTM, according to this link all your credits will be retained unless you’re other undergraduate divisions like applied science and engineering, music, physical education and health, or architecture. if your program is outside of the faculty of arts and sciences, you will have to apply for a transfer credit assessment.

hope this helped! like i’ve said in the past, if you don’t make any friends, a crisp $20 bill will buy you 1 hour of friendship with askastudent.

honk honk,




transferring + that calculus requirement

Hey Aska, I had a question regarding the calculus requirement for Life
Science programs. I haven’t took high school calculus, and am moving soon
and want to transfer to U of T. I am currently taking a first year math
course here at York.  The U of T website says “A suitable community college
or university course in calculus” counts,  but I’m not sure if the course
I’m taking, “Mathematics for the Life and Social Sciences” will count since
it’s not strictly calculus  (though it covers Biocalculus for at least 85%
of the course.) please let me know if I can fulfill the requirement with
the course I’m taking (and if so, what mark is satisfactory, since I don’t
think I can pull off an A atm). If I can’t fulfill the requirement I’ll
just take PUMP or night school.

Thank you Aska, I appreciate your help!!



so U of T has a great resource called ‘transfer explorer’ where you can plunk in a course taken at another institution (in your case, york) to see what its U of T equivalent would be. when you put in  ‘MATH1505: mathematics for the life and social sciences’ in transfer explorer, it states that the equivalent (last assessed in 2014) is U of T’s JMB170.

the course description of JMB170, doesn’t give me the impression that it is a calculus course. i’m not sure what life science program you’re trying to get into, but from my point of view, MATH1505 doesn’t seem like it would carry over and be considered as a valid calculus course.

just out of curiosity, i took a quick look at the department of psychology’s calc requirement and couldn’t find anything that would include JMB170. if i’m not mistaken, calculus courses at U of T generally have MAT course codes. my recommendation for you would be to contact your chosen life science program directly.

contacting the faculty of arts and science may also be able to help you with this issue, since they are the ones who decide ultimately which courses transfer over.

if worse comes to worse, PUMP is definitely a good option. you’ve done your research!

good luck with everything and i hope you have a smooth transfer process!

peace and love,



hi i finish grade 12 in december and im planning to come to uoft from overseas but the thing is uoft intake is in september!! that’s like 9 months! york has an intake in may and i was planning to enrol there as it would be sooner. would i be able to transfer to uoft from york? and if so, when would the earliest and latest i could transfer be?



first of all, chill.

having 9 months off is great. if i were you, i would take that time to get some rest. lie on a beach somewhere. read trashy magazines. drink fruity drinks with squiggly straws. eat some papaya. but enough about me. this is about you.

i could tell you about the whole process of transferring from York to U of T, but in my humble opinion, it’s really not in your best interest to do this. i realize that you may have a motive to get ahead, but after consulting many academic advisors, we all think this is a very bad idea.


behold, a list a pro’s and cons about transferring from York to U of T


-the deadline to apply to York for january intake is dec 7th, while the deadline to apply to U of T for september intake is jan 13th. you’d basically be applying for U of T and york at around the same time.

-some of your credits earned at York may not transfer equally. also, even if your credits end up transferring, your grades will not.

-the whole process of transferring is just super complicated and it’s really not worth it

-you’ll establish a friend group/ community at York, and then have to leave it.

-first year is tough enough; it’s not going to help if you’re stressing about getting into another school or figuring out how your credits transfer

-in an effort to get ahead, you may even delay your education if you aren’t able to transfer all your credits




do you catch my drift?

if you really want something to do in the next 9 months, you could consider getting a job, volunteering, travelling, or taking a class at your local university! the possibilities are endless. once you start university, it’ll be hard for you to take time off to do these things. plus, you should really give yourself a break after completing high school. you deserve it!

if you really want to go ahead with this plan, i recommend that you make an appointment or send an email to a registrar at York (doesn’t necessarily have to be in person) and look at your options.

some things to consider from our end:

-make sure you fulfil the general requirements for transfering to U of T from another canadian university.

-make sure you meet the requirements for whatever program you’re thinking of pursuing

-you will also need to request an assessment of your transfer credits upon admission

-hey, actually, this link pretty much says it all


in conclusion, please don’t do this. if not for yourself, do it for us, your friends at the innis college registrar’s office. apply to U of T for september intake. we wish you all the best in all your endeavours and hope you end up here some way or another!





Hello, so I’m currently on academic probation after my first year and due to personal family issues, my father asked me to transfer for a year to St Marys university in Calgary, and then come back to utsg. Will I be able to get transfer credits for the courses I do at the other institution and do I have to reapply or can I just re-register for courses for the semester I come back for?

Sincerely, a very sad confused person


hey there,

as long as you have a mark on your transcript (and you must have, because you can’t be put on academic probation if you don’t have any marks), you’re officially in uoft.

wow, how vague. what do you mean by that, aska?

i mean that once you’ve received a mark at uoft (specifically, in the faculty of arts & science), you can come back to uoft anytime you want. so if you leave, get into another university, and come back after a year (or two, or five), all you have to do is get re-registered (and cough up twenty-five bucks) and sign up for courses.

that being said, if you are on academic probation at uoft, you cannot receive transfer credits from another university. that means that if you were to follow through with your plans to transfer to St Mary’s, none of the credits you received there could be transferred back to your UofT degree.

a little bit of unsolicited advice for you: don’t plan so far in advance. if you think it’s a good idea to transfer to St. Mary’s, do it. maybe you’ll really like it and decide to stick around there. that’s great! maybe not. maybe you decide to come back to uoft. that’s great, too! try to take life as it comes to you. changing schools is always a scary thing, but it’s going to be ok.

and uoft will always be here (very like another ancient school), if you ever decide to come back. i hope that makes you a bit less sad and confused.

best of luck with all of it,



i read something somewhere about it


I finished my first year at UTSG and I’m thinking of taking a gap year. During the gap year, I’m thinking of attending a language school to improve my French skills. But I think I read somewhere that attending an institution while taking a year off is prohibited. I’m not sure if this policy only applies to post-secondary institutions or any institution at all. I would really appreciate some information on this.

Thanks 🙂


hey there,

i’m not sure what the rule is when it comes to “post-secondary institutions.” i only have incredibly specific and non-transferable knowledge about uoft that is probably taking up too much space in my head. lucky me.

anyway, the only time this would be true is if you are away from school because of a suspension. students are not allowed to receive transfer credits from another college or university while on suspension. obviously, uoft bodyguards aren’t going to burst in on your first day of class at ryerson or centennial and strong-arm you out of the lecture hall. you can still take courses elsewhere, if you want to. they even kind of encourage it, since it may “help improve your academic skill level before you return to university studies in the Faculty of Arts & Science.” it’s just that you can’t use those credits towards your uoft degree.

if you’re actually just taking a gap year and you’re still in good standing, however, you can totally take courses elsewhere, AND you could potentially (emphasis on the “potentially” – take a look at transfer explorer to see how the courses at the other institution might transfer over to uoft) even get transfer credits for your degree, if that was something you wanted to do.

so go ahead! allons-y, as they say, nous allons avoir un aventure.




a particularly early panic

I’m a transfer student, admitted as a second year student. ACORN won’t let me enrol in any first year course (because they are restricted to first year students) and it won’t let me enrol in second year courses (because they have first year courses as prerequisites). Will I be able to enrol in ANY first year course after they lift the priority restriction? I’m worried about availability (in courses such as MAT135H, BIO120H or CHM135H). What can I actually enrol in???? HELP!


hey there,

the definition of a priority is that it does lift, which is good news for you. beginning on August 5th, all priorities lift, which means that anyone in the faculty of arts & science can get into a course, as long as there’s space and you meet any prerequisites. all three of the courses you listed have priorities (as opposed to any other kind of enrolment control), so August 5th is the golden date for you.

yes, it’s frustrating that you have to wait so long. yes, it’s possible the courses will fill up, and for that reason you should have backups. trust me; i’ve been there. i’ve lived it. however, all of these first-year life science courses are very large, so there will be lots of space, in multiple different lecture sections (and in some instances, in both semesters).

the other thing i would recommend you do if you haven’t already is to take a look at whatever transfer credits you may have received from your previous college or university. depending on your program over there, you may not have gotten too many relevant credits, but you should definitely check; maybe you don’t have to take some of these first-year sciences because you already have credits for them!




tbh i didn’t know that ‘children’s fashion photographer’ was a thing


I am currently a student at U of T who has some questions about transfer credits. This past year I did an exchange with U of T at Sciences Po in Paris, and there I have greatly developed my career as a children’s fashion photographer, and working very frequently/ and am sought out increasingly in France, Germany, Italy etc and being in Canada be detrimental to my growing career as a top children’s fashion photographer. At the same time I want and find it crucial to complete my studies. My registrar said that I can only do 5 transfer credits (exchange & online) that will count to my degree (I need 5.5-6 more edits to complete it), however I found information on the U of T website that I believe stated you could do a maximum of 10 transfer credits. Do you happen to know anything about this. I am hoping there is a way to complete my degree online as my career and life over here in Europe is thriving.

Thank you very, and all the best.


hey there,

if you want to get a degree at uoft, at least half your credits have to be uoft credits – which, yes, translates to 10.0 FCEs. so that means that all of the transfer credits you have combined – including exchange courses, online courses and transfer credit from high school or other universities, etc. – have to be under 10.0. so that’s one restriction.

the second rule is: if you’re in the faculty or arts & science, the MAXIMUM amount of exchange credits you can have is 7.5 FCEs.

i’m not sure how many transfer credits you have already, but those would be the restrictions you’d have to abide by. also: listen to whatever your registrar said. i guarantee you they’re right.

and hey, if you can’t do all the rest of your degree online, maybe you can just wait a year or two, finish your degree, and then go back to Paris or wherever you need to be. i guarantee Europe will still be there when you’re ready.




fLOP that transfer credit

*Latrice Royale voice* Aska you look sickening today, you fabulous thing you. I’m going to go into my last year at UTM this September, and I’m a bio kid… but I have a secret: I’ve been taking calculus at Athabasca online. Third-year me didn’t realize there was such a thing as a LOP, and I’m about to start the second course that counts for MAT134/5 at UTM, but now I’m scared that the OffReg won’t accept my efforts, especially since I took about 9 months for part I because of health. Wat do? 🙁


hey there,

latrice royale in charge


thanks for the compliment, man! means a lot. and right back at ya.

(sidenote: is ‘OffReg’ what y’all utm-ers call the registrar’s office? man, it’s like a whole different world over there.)

i hope the courses you’ve been taking at athabasca are MATH265 and 266, because according to transfer explorer, those are equivalent to MAT135Y1 at utm.

it’s not impossible to get transfer credit without a letter of permission. the university says that “[s]tudents who take courses at another institution without following one of these processes may still be eligible for transfer credits,” so it’s definitely still possible that you’ll get the transfer credit. and it’s a good sign that transfer explorer is recognizing it.

however, just to save yourself some time, it might be best to talk to your OffReg* as soon as possible and see whether they think you’re likely to get the credit.



* see? i’m learning.


a specialist and a major sounds so easy in theory


I’m currently in grade 12 and have already submitted my OUAC application to UofT for Rotman Commerce. The trouble is, last year grade 11 second semester, I completely crashed all my courses due to external circumstances and (putting all the grade 11 courses aside,) there’s this one calculus mark (I fast-tracked) that Rotman actually looks at. I got a 81 in that course. However, my school calls it a AP Calc course but I don’t know how Rotman can see that or even consider that factor from OUAC as the only indicator is that the course code ends with a 9.

I saw couple previous replies regarding Rotman’s mid-high 80s requirement for calculus. My questions are:

Can Rotman see it is an AP course?

If they can, do they factor that into considerations?

Is there somewhere I can explain a special circumstance

Do I still have a chance? (I have fairly strong extra crcs and a 92 avg from midterms grade 12)

Thank you for your help!

Oh, and also aside from admissions, are you allowed to have one major in Rotman and another major in general artsci e.g. Ethics, Society and Law?


hey there,

AP courses can be used as transfer credit at this university, so yes, they know if you took an AP course. HOWEVER, just make sure that it is being communicated to the university that you did actually take an ap course.

if you’re an ontario high school student and you did your AP class through your high school, then usually, your school will just submit your AP marks automatically. that’s how they did it for me, anyway, back when i was in high school in the Year of Our Lord 1669.

however, if you did AP independently, you should speak to your guidance counsellor about the proper procedure for sending uoft your AP results.

since rotman does explicitly state that you need mid to high 80s in MCV4U, it might be nice to explain to them any extenuating circumstances that might’ve affected your mark. feel free to contact enrolment services to see where you could direct that kind of letter.

do you have a chance? i don’t know. i’m just a girl in a chicken suit. you guys give me way too much authority. but given that you meet all the other requirements, and if you submit a strong supplemental application, i’d say you’re still in the running. again, i’m not the number one authority on this by any means, but – don’t stop trying.



P.S. according to the university, you ARE allowed to enrol in up to two specialists and/or majors. rotman is a program within the faculty of arts & science (though they sure do seem like their own little world sometimes), so doing a rotman specialist (there are no rotman majors) and another FAS major should be fine.

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