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let’s not do that

Dear aska,

It got me curious. What happens when everyone drops one specific course that there is no students enrolled in the course any more in the middle of the semester? It is merely a hypothetical question.

Thanks in advance!



lol, that would be both hilarious and quite sad.

disclaimer: everything i am about to say cannot be backed by actual facts, i’m merely hypothesizing.

i honestly have no idea what would happen. i asked my colleagues who have been here decades longer than i have and none of them had ever heard of this happening at U of T.

i hope that you’re only curious and that you’re not actually planning on organizing a course-wide drop because that would be pretty bad….a**.

i’m assuming that the department would try to conduct some sort of an investigation into why this class sucked so much and then take the appropriate measures to make sure it won’t happen again. like i said, there really is no precedent for this kind of situation so you’re allowed to use your own imagination????

 reactions spongebob imagination GIF

idk man.

peace and love,





sad face emoticon

why doesn’t uoft have any tech-y courses 🙁



you and i are in the same boat because we’re both sad face emoticon people.

you’re clearly sad face emoticon about U of T not having “tech-y” courses whereas i am sad face emoticon that some people ask me very vague questions that don’t make much sense.

what do you mean by tech-y? am i missing something here?

all classes TECHnically involve some sort of technology, right???? is computer science not tech-y enough a course? i can’t really think of anything more tech-y than the science of technology itself!

in conclusion, please elaborate ’cause i’m pretty stumped here.

idk man,





york needs an aska


So I’m a York student (you may get your fork jokes out) and I’m in a bit of
a situation.
In 2014 I had a family situation that mighhttt have caused me to get really
sub-par grades in a couple of courses. I already retook the courses and
everything, and fixed up the grades.
Finally, in 2016 and with part-time student status, I got the time to
petition the initial attempts at those courses. Unfortunately, the
committee refuses to look at it since it’s a request past the deadline,
regardless of my reason to petition them.
I’ve already made one appeal that I did not have easy access to the
documents throughout the 2 years (seeing as the court case pertaining this
event is still ongoing, and it’s more important my family deal with that
than some Uni petition). They rejected the appeal, again on grounds that I
still don’t say why I decided to petition so late.
I have one last chance to appeal, and I was wondering if you had any advice
on how to do so successfully? This was a really bad time for my family with
several economic and medical issues, in addition, it’s really important for
me for post-grad opportunities, so it would be ideal if the courses got

Any advice is greatly appreciated!
Thank you.



**disclaimer, this post is filled with tons of shade. opt for another one of our lovely posts if you can’t handle the shade.**

so i’m a u of t student (you can get your #uoftears jokes out of the way) and i’m in a bit of a situation.

so in 1999, one of my predecessors launched a site called, intending it to be a website which answered the many questions of stressed out U of T students. since then, a significant number of york students have decided that utoronto stands for any flippin’ university in toronto and not JUST the university OF toronto.


so my question is this. why doesn’t york have a blog like this? sounds pretty good to me, doesn’t it?







okay. all jokes aside, it seems like you’re in a really tough situation. while we do have a reputation of being really tough on our students, i don’t want to start a stereotype of us being terrible people, so i will say this. i REALLY wish i could help but since you don’t go to U of T, i’m not familiar with how petitions work at york. i’ve never even set foot on your campus… like, how do i even get there? we may be all-knowing on all things U of T related, but we definitely know as much nothing as jon snow when it comes to york.

the best thing for you to do would be to keep talking to your registrar’s office. at u of t, registrars are the ones that help you with the petition process.

i’m sorry that you guys don’t have this kind of ‘ask a fellow student’ resource at your school, but hey, maybe this would be a good time to start one? we could even entertain a healthy aska rivalry! let us know if you start one!

good luck with your situation, again, i really wish i could help.

peace, love, and solidarity,



after a week of school, i hate it!

Dear askastudent,

I have just started first year and I realized the program Im in now is not what I really want to do, how would I be able to change my program?


Oh dear lord, honey, you have a long way to go. First of all, you are only in your first week of your first year of school – how do you know that your program is not for you yet? Secondly, you don’t even have to worry about choosing a subject PoST until second year, which you can change at any time until applying for graduation.

The feeling that you’re experiencing is normal, especially in first year. Chances are, your classes right now are huge and overwhelming. This is a reality that will eventually chill out once you head into your upper years of whatever program you end up taking, and take on smaller seminars and class sizes.

I’d recommend thinking about what it is that you’re passionate about and going through the calendar with an open mind. Taking a thorough look at everything U of T offers will yield unexpected surprises. Many of the colleges offer really intriguing programs with much smaller class sizes and fascinating course subjects. Other programs can offer labs, research opportunities and internships that will help you gain experience in an field of interest.

You have to be honest with yourself and think about what you want to commit yourself to for the next four (plus) years. Are you only in your program of study because you want to please your parents? Or for practicality’s sake? That may not be a reason to stay in it.

A great resource is your college registrar. Most of the colleges (especially Innis) have a first year counselor who can talk you through some of the concerns you might be having. It may also not be too late for you switch courses, if that’s what you intend on doing though you should pay attention to these important dates. Please keep in mind that SEPTEMBER 26th is the last day to add new “F” and “Y” courses.

My advice is to give the first month a chance and if you really hate it, consider taking something else in the second semester.

Let me know what you decide.

xoxo, Askastudent


the saga that is cognitive science

Hi Askastudent,

Do you know what’s going on with the Cognitive Science program? Their webpage hasn’t been updated since January 2008 and when I look up their courses at University College, it seems they’re not University College any more… or something? “The Cognitive Science program formerly administered by the University College has been redesigned under the auspices of the Faculty of Arts & Science. Please refer to the Cognitive Science program: see Cognitive Science.” See Cognitive Science…. where? In the Arts & Science calendar there is no Cognitive Science category that I could find.

I’m sooooo confused! I managed to find one course on the timetable (under University College, not Cognitive Science), and the course code has changed from UNI to COG. One course does not a program make, so I’m not sure what’s happened. Is the program no longer offered? If it is, where have the third and fourth year courses gone? How does a program go from having TWO specialist degrees and one major to not existing so quickly?

Thanks for your help. I’m totally baffled.


Hello there. I’ve talked to a couple of peeps at University College and the short answer (after long explanations) is that no one exactly knows what is going on with the Cognitive Science program. It’s no longer under University College’s jurisdiction, and the only Cognitive Science course in the entire program is not being offered this year in the timetable (COG 250Y1). This year it seems that they are “taking a break” from Cognitive Science before determining where it is going. Which is totally weird, right?

If you look at page 134 of the calendar, you’ll see listings of what classes are offered to make up the major pogram of Cognitive Science – all courses in computer science, linguistics and psychology. For now, all COG courses no longer exist, and it’s dammed difficult to find who exactly is representing the program. (Someone at the UC programs office actually laughed when I said that the website hadn’t been updated since January 2008!)

If you are interested in the program, you will have to follow the course listings outlined on page 134, and wait until next year (perhaps?) where COG courses will be offered again. There isn’t even a faculty listing in the calendar, so there is no one you can even scream at for their negligence!

Your best bets (for screaming) are the Faculty of Arts and Science registrar, or Hilary Browning at University College.

Good luck to you! Let me know what happens.

xoxo, Askastudent


8 questions from a very inquisitive person

Your website is very interesting , thanks! Now I’m going into gr.12 and I was wondering :

1) Is it true that UofT is a nerd school that only studies and doesn’t know how to party ?

2) Does UofT have air conditioning for those hot summer days?

3) Are there any encounters with ghosts on the st. George campus?

4) Do you have any gay professors on the campus?

5) Is it possible to get perfect at UofT in your courses , like in high school ?

6) Does UofT block any websites in their network?

7) In the lecture halls, are there power outlets to plug In your laptop if it’s running low ?

8) Oh and , are you a guy or a girl?


You are going into Grade 12 next year, and spending all your time reading a university admissions website?! I hereby order you to smoke pot and lose your virginity, like immediately.

Because askastudent is nearly as pathetic as you are, here are the answers to your burning questions, dear. Once again, please stop reading this website and participate in normal high school activities, from one former aska-junkie to another.

1) Depending on the program and its students, I can see how the “nerd school” rep might suffice, but U of T – unlike say Queen’s, or Western – is also in the biggest, most party-centric city in Canada (unless you’re going to McGill). You will meet partiers, and academics and even academic-partiers. Don’t worry. There’s a lot going on campus, as long as you stay out of the stacks.

2) I believe that most of U of T is in fact, air-conditioned. Which is a godsend. My apartment is like a friggin’ furnace today.

3) Totally, man.

4) There are gay profs on campus, absolutely! An amazing one is the incredible, adorable Scott Rayter who teaches Queerly Canadian as part of the Sexual Diversity Studies program at University College. That program is terrific – not only is the course material really fantastic, but the classmates are pretty cute.

5) Hahahahahaha.

6) Mmm, not that I know of. Though there is a pretty awesome webnet supergroup that’s funded by the University that actually investigates human rights web blocking in other countries. Read this article and believe.

7) Probably, though you would have to be in prime optimum plug locales. I’d be charging that sucker, just in case.

8) Askastudent is an androgynous supermodel.

Please don’t ask me anything else. This is your summer! This is your youth! Enjoy it while you can.

xoxo, Askastudent


salem revisited

Is it true that 300 and 400-series courses are easier to do well in than 100 or 200-series ones? Because my registrar told me in 1st year that courses are more difficult in higher levels! Thanks!



oh no! the hat police!

Is there some kind of rule against wearing hats during lectures & tutorials?


“You thought I will cry you a river. No, I hope you will drown in the Yellow River”

I was in a long-distance relationship with my boyfriend (now his is my ex). He got back his ex-girlfriend last week and expecting a baby and break up with me through an email. I was clueless why he didn’t such a crude thing to me. But I am on my way to recovery. He gave me a diamond eternity ring. I don’t want to keep it, should I send it back to him?? along with this poem?

Ouch!? What you said in the email is foolish and mean
You don’t know me, you never did or will
You vowed you will love me forever
Now we can’t see each other forever
You thought I will cry you a river
No, I hope you will drown in the Yellow River
You have betrayed my trust
I felt like bury you under a ton of dust

You shouldn’t blame me for your betrayal,
I am the victim and you are the scumbag.
From the beginning there is no happily ever after
I was foolish to gave you another chance
To hurt me once again

You are nothing without your father
Please, don’t bother
Life is too short for me to hate you forever
You are nothing to me once I get over
I am glad you and your ex-girlfriend get back together
You two truly deserve each other, you are a looser and she is a wh*r*

It won’t matter what you become in the future
You will forever be a scumbag
Makes me feel so much better!

I return you this eternity ring
My hand is available for my true love’s ring

Earth to earth, dust to dust
I will not think of you or mention your name ever again
Starting from
————————RIGHT NOW!

Thanks Askas 


Dr. Phil iz in da house!

my son has R20-311 on his myspace, does anyone know what the 311 might mean in gang terminology? i know r20’s is rolling 20’s.



Minna no Nihongo!

Dear person in charge

i am a first year student under commerce program. i wonder if i can pick up Japanese course to help me complete the
Distribution Requirement in my first year. i do not know how to find Japanese on the calendar and its code active number.
i need your help, thank you

Talk and Pee

Hey Aska,

I have a totally random question for you. Recently I just started seeing someone, and I talk to her on the phone basically everyday for what ends up being just over an hour, and to be quite frank, if I have to pee, I’m going to pee. So if we’re talking and I’ve gotta go, I just do it. Lately, she’s been asking me what I’m doing when I’m, well, relieving myself. I used to lie about it, but a few days ago I finally told her the truth. She wasnt openly grossed out about it, but we hadn’t talked nearly as long the next day. And then yesterday we didn’t have a phone convo. I mean, I didn’t call her either, but still. Is it bad to pee on the phone when talking to someone? I thought it was normal, but maybe not? If you have any insight, it’d be helpful. Thanks.





Due to some extra time on my hands, I’ve put together a brief, inquisitive essay on an animal that no one can seem to catch.


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