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program fees vs. course fees

Dear aska,

I’m a fourth year student and I want to take an extra semester of courses to improve my gpa for Masters applications. I’m an Education and Society minor and I need to finish 0.5 credit internship before I can graduate. I’m planning on doing it in fall 2017, not taking winter courses and graduating in June 2018. You answered a question (entitled: i have LOTS of problems) that basically encapsulates my situation as well. But what I’d like to know is that if I am a full-time student in the fall (probably taking 3-4 courses) and I don’t take any courses in the winter term, would I still be a full-time student. And do I still have to pay full year’s tuition?


Struggling Student


glad to know someone’s reading our wee li’l blog!

arts and sciences will assess your status by looking at the full session (both fall and winter), meaning that if you are only enrolled in 3-4 courses in one semester, you’re still considered a part time student.

let’s assume that by taking 3-4 courses, you mean 1.5-2.0 FCE’s. according to the faculty of arts and sciences, you’re still considered part time and you’ll be able to pay per course fees. the link above explains everything in excruciating detail ^

you will also be paying reduced incidentals, which are specific to your college: <— select which college you are part of and you’ll be able to see what fees you’ll be paying.

basically, as long as your course load is 3.5 credits or lower, you’ll pay course fees.

hope this helped!

peace and love,





but i thought being outstanding was a good thing

I’ll (hopefully) be graduating this coming summer.

I was wondering though what will happen if I cannot pay off my current
tuition by the end of winter term? Will they prevent me from graduating,
attending the ceremony, getting my degree, etc?

Thanks as always.



first of all, i love the “hopefully” graduating part. people keep asking me if i’m graduating this year and i’m always like:

anyways, this is a great question! thanks for asking it!

disclaimer: the following information is only valid for students in the faculty of arts and science.

there are definitely some real consequences of not paying off your fees. keep in mind, these fees fall under a category of other “university obligations” which you will also need to fulfill. (e.g. library fines, incidental fees; for a full list, consult this link)

you won’t be able to receive your diploma or any proof of completion of a degree, but you will be able to attend the ceremony. wooo!

some other notable consequences of not paying off your fees are that you won’t be able to order official transcripts or register as a continuing or returning student. it would be best to quickly double check with your college registrar’s office to see if you have anything else that’s outstanding just in case you’ve missed something!

unfortunately, at U of T, being “outstanding” in the context of fees is a bad thing. bummer.

all of this information is actually explained quite nicely in the link above, so i would recommend that you take a thorough look at that! hope this helped!

peace and love,





mumble mumble fees mumble

Hi there! In July, I requested to have my course fees calculated on a per-course basis (3.0 FCE) and I just recently added another half course for the winter semester. Should I wait for the 0.5 FCE fee to show up on my financial account or should I contact my registrar? Thanks in advance!


hey there,

i’m not really sure what you’re asking. if you added a 0.5 credit course on ACORN, the fee for that course would be added to your account invoice automatically. that means that you would need to pay for that course as well, as the rest of your fees, by the stated deadlines.

if you enrolled in the course but the fee for the course hasn’t appeared on your account invoice, then call your registrar’s office and they can figure out why the fee hasn’t appeared yet.

if you’re in 3.5 FCEs, you’re still eligible to be on per-course fees instead of a full-time program fee, so if that’s what you’re worried about – don’t be. you’re still within the per-course limit.




sad, but true

I currently have an unconditional offer from University of Toronto, but I’ve also gotten an offer from another university which I’d prefer to go to. I can’t seem to find a way to contact University of Toronto that I won’t be going to their university this year as I do not currently reside in Canada, and they seem to be very slow at responding to my emails.
I still haven’t paid any fees to University of Toronto. If I don’t contact University of Toronto about my withdrawal, would there be additional fees I need to pay?
In a nutshell, Do I need to contact the university about my withdrawal? if so then how?
Thanks for your time



if you haven’t accepted the offer or paid any fees, you will not be registered. there are no additional fees that you will have to pay if you have not triggered registration. in not paying your fees, you’ll be sending a pretty obvious message to the school that you won’t be attending.

however, there should be an option on the OUAC portal for you to decline your offer to uoft. if you can’t find that, it may be that your acceptance of another’s university’s offer automatically declined your offer to every other university. don’t make any assumptions though. you should definitely contact enrolment services to get some help in formally declining your offer.

we’re sorry you’ve chosen another school, but we wish you the best of luck in your endeavours!

*but seriously, i bet your new school doesn’t have an aska, which automatically makes it worse than U of T. sad, but true.




pls i must buy Many Cheez-Its

I accidentally transferred an extra 70 dollars into my rosi account how do I get it back?


hey there,

what a catastrophe! how terrible for you – there’s so much that you can buy for $70! a nice pair of jeans. a kobo eReader. a really crappy, secondhand TV. many, many cheez-its.

fortunately for you, you CAN get that money back. all you have to do is call Student Accounts and request that the $70 be sent to you as a cheque instead of rolling over to the next session on ACORN. just make sure that your mailing address is correct and up-to-date on ACORN, because you don’t want them sending your hard-earned cheez-it money to some undeserving shmo at an old address.




you gotta pay if you wanna play

Hey Aska,
So I’m in a bit of a pickle right now, basically, I wanna do summer school but I still have outstanding fees from Fall/Winter 2015-2016 that I may not be able to pay by the end of April 2016. I just wanna know if it’s possible to take summer school with outstanding fees.
Also, say, if I’m able to pay off the outstanding fees during summer, I’m considered registered for the Fall/Winter 2016-2017 without incurring any additional fees other than interests right?
Thank youz!


hey there,

if you don’t pay off your outstanding Fall/Winter fees by May 1st, your student account will be placed on a financial hold. unfortunately, that would prevent you from registering for the summer session and enrolling in courses. if you think you’re going to be in that situation and you still want to take summer courses, i’d recommend talking to your registrar’s office to come up with a plan to pay it off in order to be able to pay for your courses.

similarly, you would not be able to register for the Fall/Winter 2016-2017 session unless you have paid off all outstanding fees from previous sessions (either the previous Fall/Winter or that Summer).




no $$ for u

Hi Aska, for UTM, is there a certain cut-off date for full year courses where you don’t get any money back? I’m considering dropping my calc class because I don’t think that I’m gonna do well in it, so I was wondering if I was able to get some money back. Thanks!


hey there,

unfortunately we are now in the 0% refund period for pretty much every program at UTM. sorry.

if this calc course is an S course, however, you have until March 6th to drop the course from your academic record, so at least it won’t affect your GPA, even if it will affect your bank account.




(Ph)enomenal (D)ollars

Hello ! I’m an International student that wants to go to UofT for gradschool (phD). I’m academically okay for the program (I have an overall A and all that jazz) but…. Where can I start looking for scholarships to live and study at UofT during those years? I’m a bit lost since I don’t know a thing about scholarships for international students that wants to go to Canada – Thank you !!


hey there,

the major scholarships that fund postgraduate study in Ontario are the NSERC and OGS scholarships. unfortunately, those are only available to domestic students. what i’d recommend is taking a look at your home country’s opportunities, if any, that are available for students travelling abroad. most countries have some form of financial aid for postgrads.

we do have some scholarships available for international students, and i’d strongly encourage you to apply to as many as you’re eligible for, but they do not provide nearly as much funding as is probably ideal.

the good news is, as a PhD student, the university is committed to funding you. all the information about how financial support works for a physics PhD is available on page 29 of this document provided by the department of physics. it shows that if you don’t have access to any scholarships, the university will still be able to support you through RA and TA-ships, and internal scholarships.

here is a breakdown about how much physics PhDs were funded depending on their year, and where the money came from. the aid hovers around $40k per student, depending on the year of your PhD. which is totally liveable.

if you have further questions about how this all works, i’d recommend contacting the financial counsellor at the School of Graduate Studies.

best of luck,



can you refund knowledge?

what’s the final date i can drop a course at utsc with a full refund? i’ve been trying to find it but university websites are so confusing. related question, why is it that universities have the hardest websites to navigate? thanks


hey there,

depending on your program, the dates might be different, but for most utsc students, the 100% refund date has passed – now you have until february 7th to get a 50% refund on a course, so try not to miss that one. i know it sucks, but sometimes refunds just don’t go how you’d like them to.

double-check all the tables on this PDF though, to make sure that you don’t fall into another refund schedule with different dates.

to answer your related question: there’s no good reason, other than that there’s like a BILLION web designers in different colleges, faculties, divisions, etc. who all work on their own department’s web site, which functions in its own unique way and is completely separate from all the other unique web pages at uoft.

we’re like an incredibly large, confusing, annoying patchwork quilt. isn’t that quaint. come to aska for all your quality grandma content.




fees creepin’ up on us from behind

Hello again,
I was just wondering if I could get your input on this. I am 4th year student at UTSC majoring in Mathematics, minoring in Computer Science and Statistics. I am pretty late but I was thinking about changing my minors to a Computer Science major.
How much do you think it will cost in retroactive fees if I were to switch? And how much do you think OSAP would cover? I talked to several of my peers and they told me this enormous amount that they had to pay (when they switched into the program earlier). I really would like to switch, but I am scared it might be way too costly.

Thank you!


hey there,

if you’re going into fourth year, you’ll be charged the deregulated computer science fee for your fourth year. you will also be charged retroactively for your second and third year, but it’s not as bad as you think:

you will only be charged the difference between what you paid in your second and third years and the computer science fee (for each year). for simplicity’s sake, let’s say you paid $7000 in first year, and the computer science fee was $10 000. that means you would retroactively be charged $3000 for second and third year.

you can take a look at the exact amount it will cost by checking the fee schedule for computer science and then subtracting your previous years’ fees from that amount, two times.

so, it’s not as bad as it could be, but it’s still a lot of money.

as for how much OSAP would cover: that all depends, and the answer is a bit complicated, so buckle in.

OSAP will consider your higher fees when deciding how much funding to give you. however, the amount they give you may not be enough to cover what you need.

also, OSAP does have a maximum amount that they give, meaning that it’s possible for you to max out. if your need exceeds that maximum amount, then you’ll have to turn to other ways to scrape the bucks together – typically, that’s UTAPS.

you can use UTAPS’ funding estimator to figure how much you’re likely to get from them. if OSAP and UTAPS together still aren’t enough, you can appeal to OSAP.

all that being said, we are coming up quite close to the deadline to register (August 17th for UTSC students), so i’d highly recommend you hightail it to your registrar’s office and talk about this with them right away. it’s also probably a good idea to talk with a financial aid advisor, to go over some of the finer points relating to OSAP, UTAPS and OSAP appeals.

regardless of how much money you get from OSAP/UTAPS, you’re not going to get it right away. that’s a problem because your back balance needs to be paid off before you can defer using OSAP, so you’ll likely need to negotiate some kind of arrangement with your registrar’s office where they waive that requirement and manually register you, if possible.

good luck with it.




school isn’t cheap but neither is anything else

how much are summer school courses at u of t? I hear rotman courses are generally more expensive- around $1300.. But what if i want to take Psy201 for example or PHL courses? Thanks!


hey there,

fortunately for you, the summer 2015 fees are still up, so you can peruse costs at your leisure there. actually, 0.5 commerce credits cost about $1500 this past summer (it’s more for international students).

a regulated arts & science course however (that is, any course that is not under commerce, computer science or bioinformatics) is cheaper. 0.5 credits cost about $600 for domestic students and around $4000 for international students. that would include any psych or philosophy courses.

keep in mind that costs go up a little bit every year, but they tend to creep rather than skyrocket, so the 2015 fee schedule is a pretty good indication of what you would be looking at in 2016.

that’s pretty much the only redeeming fact about how much university costs: it doesn’t increase too quickly.





Hi! I can’t seem to find any concrete numbers anywhere – how much do courses cost for the per-course fee at St. George Arts & Sci? Is there a date when the fees are posted or are they already up somewhere I can’t see?


hey there,

we’re hoping the fees for 2015-2016 will be posted around mid-July, so keep checking the fees website for updates as we approach that time. unfortunately, i can’t give you an exact date. (believe you me, i’m as bummed about that as you are.)

however, you can take a look at the most recent archived fee schedule (for the moment, that’s 2013-2014 – they haven’t archived the 2014-2015 one yet) to get an approximate idea of what you’re looking at. that year, one half-course cost about $600, not including incidental fees.

the archive is usually a pretty accurate representation of what to expect for the upcoming year, except the numbers are always a little bit bigger than they were in the preceding year. which is…just…nifty.




a Magnificent Return

My account was suspended a few years ago because I didn’t pay my tuition. Since then I’ve paid off all remaining charges. My question is: I’m interested in continuing my studies by my account is still suspended. How do I go about returning to school?


hey there,

you want to come back here? really? but you got out and paid everything off! surely there’s nothing left for you here, now.

mad max fury road poster

a student surveys the wasteland that is their studies

alright, well, if you really want to keep your nose to the grindstone, you’re going to have to re-register at your friendly neighbourhood college registrar’s office. that’ll cost you about 30 seconds and $25. it’s about the most painless process you can undergo at uoft. and i’m counting 100-level open book exams in that.

that financial hold on your account will have to be lifted by your registrar’s office, too, before you re-register. they can take a look at why the hold is there and figure out how to lift it. think of them as the jaws of life to your squished car. except after you’re saved, instead of being grateful you’re alive, you’ll have to go back to uoft.

wishing you a Triumphant Return,


P.S. you know the Starbucks at Robarts is closed now, right? you still sure you want to come back?

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