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i’m an alien, i’m a legal alien. i’m an engineer in trinity

Hi, so I’m going to be starting at U of T as an engsci in September. As such, I have to rank my residence options. I had also received an offer from Trinity for artsci, but I declined this in favour of engsci. However, I’d still quite like to live at Trinity. My concern is that if I do manage to still get residence at Trin, would I be kind of isolated from the rest of the engineering faculty? Would it be a better idea to put somewhere like New College as my first choice, and be in residence with more engineering students? Thank yooouuu


hey there,

living in engineering’s living learning community at new college is a great idea. engineering is pretty gruelling, and living with a whole bunch of people – including your don – who understand what you’re going through is probably a very comforting and supportive residence experience.

you’ll always have people to study with and people to vent with. people will be by and large on the same schedule as you are – so when you’re buckling down, everyone else will be too. when you have some time to wind down, you’ll have people to enjoy it with.

so yeah, living with engineers could be great. but it could also be not so great.

think about it this way: you love your mom, right? of course you do. you and your ma are the tightest. you would do anything for her. but do you want to live with her? see her day in, day out?

of course you don’t – that’s why you’re moving out.

a living learning society has the potential to be kind of like that. engineering is pretty intense, and you might find yourself?wanting a break from it when you come home from class.

living at trinity could provide you with that break. no matter where you live, you’re not going to be isolated from your engineering peers – so don’t worry about that. firstly, you’ll be spending too much time in class together for that to ever be possible, and secondly, most people commute anyway, so living on res won’t exclude you.

but what trinity can give you that engineering can’t is a community outside your studies – friends from other programs, with other perspectives.

there are only 425 people living at trinity, and trinity, more perhaps than some other, newer colleges at uoft, has a very strong sense of self (dressing up in black robes every wednesday evening can do that to a group of people).

being a part of the trinity community as well as the engineering community might give you a nice balance between engineering and, well, something else.

ultimately, there’s no right answer. residence is very largely a non-academic experience, and different people will prefer different kinds of communities. just try to go with whichever option you feel more excited about. if you can, book a residence tour at each college. then just feel it out.

best of luck, and see you in september!



look out…it’s FROSH ON RES!

Hey Aska! Alright so I was accepted into the CCIT program and I’m seriously considering accepting it, but I just want to get some stuff cleared up before I do.

First of all, does the CCIT program offer an internship/ Co-op? Also do I have to maintain a certain GPA by the end of my first year to continue on to my second year?

Ok, now about residence. When I went to the open house someone had told me that the school expects you to find your own place by the second year. Does that mean I cannot live in res after i complete my first year? Also when in res do i have to buy my own internet or does the school provide that for me? Does the school have a list of stuff I should and shouldn’t bring?

What is campus life like? I hear a lot of people say that it’s pretty dead because UTM is a commuter school. I also hear a lot of complaints about the food options on campus. Is it really that bad?

Thanks in advance!


hey there,

CCIT does in fact offer internships, though it’s not mandatory to complete an internship to complete the program. you can learn all about CCIT internships here and here.

you can see the first-year requirements for entering one of CCIT’s three programs here (the GPA is competitive for admission, but there’s no minimum cut-off).

as a matter of fact you can live in res in second year. according to this page, the first 300 upper-year students who reapply to residence are guaranteed a spot. upper year students are definitely a minority in residence – 300 is not a lot – but it is still possible to stay, if you really want to.

i’d disagree that campus life is dead. UTSG is a commuter school too, and in my experience there are still oodles of ways to get involved. besides that, residence life is a whole separate thing from student life, so if you plan on living on residence, you’ll have two communities you can get involved with. here are just a couple of ways to get involved on res at UTM.

as for food, this list looks pretty good to me!




the party is E V E R Y W H E R E

What’s UC like? Is it a social college? Party much?


UC, Party college? Is it very social? Whitney vs. Sir Dans if I plan on rooming with my friend?


hey there,

you know what, this is probably a sign that i am getting OLD AND GRUMPY, but i honestly have no more patience for this ‘party college’ nonsense. one year it’s st. mike’s, the next it’s UC. d’you want to hear a story? i was at the hospital the other night (don’t worry, aska’s fine – i just have an alternate life which requires me to go to the hospital a lot) and a guy came in who was a UofT engineering student. he was drunk as a fish and had just been badly bruised in a bar fight.*

now, i’ve never heard of engineering as being a ‘party faculty.’ in fact, it kinda has a reputation as one of the most brutal programs at this school – and rightly so. yet that guy still somehow found the time to go to a bar, and unfortunately spent his night at a hospital.

my point is: if you like to party, you will find a way to party. if you don’t, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to avoid it. it’s as simple as that.

even if there ARE colleges that are more party-oriented than others (colleges where, say, the student union hosts club nights), you can avoid that scene if you want to. and if you go to a studious college but you’re a partier at heart, you’ll find a way to do it.

which is good news! it means that there’s no need to worry about whether a college is or is not a ‘party college.’ the fact of the matter is, most 20-year-olds like to have a good time. you’re not going to get enrolled in a monastery by accident.benedictine monk

Example of where you won’t end up

now that that’s out of the way and i have been officially outed as an OLD GRUMP, let’s get on with residence talk.

as for whitney vs. sir dan’s, the latter is primarily single rooms, so whitney hall might be the better bet if you want to room with your friend. however, both buildings are right next to each other and pretty similar in terms of layout and services.

i’d also recommend you go on a tour of the residence if you can, since people usually find that super helpful.

best of luck with it all, and hope to see you around in the fall!


* he was ok in the end, don’t worry.


idek what a floor crawl is

hi! I got accepted to UC for this coming fall.. and I think I’m strongly considering going to U of T. I know this is super typical of an incoming college freshman to ask but I was just wondering how normal “floor crawls” are and like smoking within a dorm is. I’m really attracted to U of T’s reputable academics but I also just want to make sure that I’ll also get that fun & free college experience. Thanks in advance! xx


hey ?there,

so, you wanna party, huh? you wanna get a little crazy after moving out of your parents’ house? live the high life? figuratively and literally? well, why don’t we have a little chat about residence. residence is great, but it’s even better when you know what you’re getting yourself into, so i’m gonna be straight with you about this.

there are very, very few people who don’t enjoy residence (this is based on the Very Reliable Document called: “Things Aska has Observed in Life and Never took Accurate Recordings of”). but seriously: i really do think most people like?it.

i lived in res in my first year, and despite being one of the shyest, most introverted people you’ll ever meet, i had a blast. there are endless people to meet and events?to attend in res, and you’ll likely make some lifelong friends while you’re there.

however, living in res?is NOT like living in a frat house. residence is run by residence life staff, who are adults hired by the university to make sure everyone on res is safe and not doing anything too dumb at any given time.

the residence life staff member who will be most immediate to your day to day life will be your don. a?don is an upper-year undergraduate or graduate student. they are in charge of building community on your floor, they’re there as a shoulder to cry on, and they’ll be there for you through all the new experiences of first year.

but they will also – make no mistake – bust you for smoking/drinking/breaking residence rules before you can?scream “SHOTS!”?i don’t know how much that will help you in deciding between uoft and another university, since most canadian universities have dons, but still: it’s best to go into these things with your eyes wide open.

yes, drinking and smoking and drugs still happen on residence. no rules are 100% effective, anywhere. but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t rules, and it doesn’t mean the rules aren’t enforced.

so if you want to do some partying once in a while, try to do it safely, and try to do it off res -?trust me, you’ll be doing yourself a favour.

other than that, congrats on getting into uoft and UC, and maybe i’ll see you on move-in day!*



* jokes i’ll probably be sleeping in.


myres is only your res if you want to live in res

yo aska, if we’re gonna be commuting to school, do we have to complete a myres application? my app on join uoft is still “pending review” with the myres saying “incomplete” and i’m hearing a lot of people are getting their acceptances now, should I be worried or something?



myres – as the name suggests – is a portal for applying to residence at uoft.

so no, if you’re commuting, you don’t have to complete it. makes sense, huh?


P.S. if you’re worried about the ‘incomplete,’ you can always call enrolment services to make sure there aren’t any other outstanding documents you need to hand in.


no, wordpress, i’m not trying to say ‘myles.’ it’s myres. MYRES.

Hi! In the joinid U of t portal for applicants if we are not living in res do we have to fill out my res?






takin’ care of business, everyday…

Dear askastudent,

Google and the terrible UofT website have been able to answer the majority of my questions but unfortunately not these ones. That is, however, where you come in.

– Will my OSAP cover the first payment on my residence or will I have to take care of business myself?

– Whilst applying for Victoria College I checked off my interest in residence. If I (And I will so this is a non-issue) fail to get into Vic will I have to confirm my interest in residence at all the other colleges I may end up in? I like to deal with things as pre-emptively as possible, to prevent future issues and so if I could deal with this now it would be best.

Thank you very much for your time wise askastudent. Have an excellent, fun filled evening.

The Muscles Champ


hey there Muscles Champ,

*huffs* how dare you call the uoft website TERRIBLE? terrible, with its circuitous, illogical tangents and constantly moving web pages? nonsense! it’s not terrible, it’s?magical.

1) it all depends. apply for OSAP, and when they release an estimate of how much aid you’re eligible for (that’s fancy talk for how much money you’re likely to get), they’ll tell you the dates that each instalment will be released.

then you just have to figure out when your residence fees are due, and do the math. and then you can, as you said,?take?care of business, whatever the case may be.

2) nahh.

basically how it works is that, if you’re interested in residence, you do everything through a myres application. you’ll have to indicate your initial interest in residence through myres by march 31st.

then, once you’ve been accepted to uoft and given your college placement, you’ll log into myres again. at that point, myres will recognize which college you’re a part of, and they’ll only list residence options that are available to you. so if you get into vic, you might?be given vic residence and chestnut (which is not affiliated with any college), for example.

i hope you also have an excellent, fun filled evening, Muscles Champ. and thanks for the kind wishes.




moving in, moving on

Can I move in to residence the day after the official move in day?


hey there,

well, i realize it is now the second day after most residences’ first move-in days, but yes, you can. you can move in?starting?on move-in day, not?only on move-in day.

if you’re ever uncertain, it’s always best to contact and?ask the residence you’re moving into. but typically – yes. hope you already figured that out through someone else.

how’s rez? good? cool.




crash-course: living in residence

hey there,

after just finishing a three-part guide to incoming commuter students (parts 1, 2, 3), i thought i’d give some attention to those of you who will get to live on campus this year.

firstly, a quick rundown of the residences: st. george, UTM, UTSC.

between these three campuses, there is every kind of living arrangement you could possibly imagine: townhouses, apartment-style residences, single rooms, double rooms, suite-style…etc. however, here are?some tips which make communal living a whole lot?easier no matter where you’ll be this year.

1. your residence don will likely make you sign a suite/roommate agreement. try to follow that. otherwise, both your roommate(s) and don are totally entitled to speak with you about it and enforce the rules you agreed to.?besides, it’s just easier for everyone involved if there are some rules everyone can be counted on following.

2. learn where and how to do your laundry, preferably before the first time you have to do your laundry. it’ll make things go a lot more smoothly.

here are some tips before you get there:?most public washer/dryers?require either change or, in some residences, a card loaded with money, to operate. dryer sheets are worth it. it’s rude not to clean the lint tray after you use it. finally, leach, laundry detergent, and fabric softener are all different things and cannot be indiscriminately interchanged.

3. school comes first, but investing a bit of time in participating in rez?life?pays off.

even if you don’t feel comfortable being part of a residence/house council or hosting events, hanging out in rez with your door open on a regular basis is a great way to become more comfortable with the other people in your residence. you might even have fun.

4. talk to your don about stuff that’s bugging you.

that’s what they’re there for. and if they can’t help you, they’ll set you up with people who can.

5.?plan for the weather.

even if your building has AC/heating, a portable heater and fan is a great idea. they’re inexpensive, and if you prefer unnatural?temperatures that your floor- or roommates aren’t down with, it’s a way to regulate the temperature in your room without affecting anyone else.

just make sure that your residence is cool with you bringing one first, because?i don’t want to make life more difficult for residence?staff. i’m sure they already have a hard enough time enforcing the no pets policy.

best of luck with your living arrangements, chums,



uoft’s Most Haunted

Hi Aska,

First of all, your website is AMAZING! I’ve learned a lot and I don’t feel as worried anymore about studying at St. George 🙂

I have a few questions for you though, that I couldn’t find on the site…

1) I’m going to be living in Annesley Hall, which is apparently near Queen’s Park. I read online/heard from friends that it’s really dangerous there. Is that true? Should I just stay away from the park? What are the places considered dangerous near and around the university?

2) What are the professors and classes like? I’m going to be an exchange student from a really small school, so we know all our professors and most of our professors know us. It’s pretty easy to get good grades too, as long as you do your homework… I know UofT is a really competitive school, and
the classes are large, as well. Do the professors care at all about the students? Also, do people have laptops or do they write notes?

3) I know this is a stupid question, but is Annesley Hall really haunted? I’m honestly kinda worried because I’m going to be in a single room… lol

Thank you so much!
Worrywart 😉


hey there,

i’m so glad i’ve been able to make you feel less anxious! that’s askastudent’s highest ambition. though, don’t push it. you don’t want to be so relaxed you sleep right through your first class. that’s too much.

1) annesley Hall is just north of Queen’s Park, which, yes, can sometimes have not-so-friendly visitors at night. however, i wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s regularly or significantly unsafe.

if you take some safety precautions, you should be alright. if you can, travel with at least one other person at night. if you’re warned not to cross Queen’s Park one night, then?don’t. and if you have a late class and have to walk alone, make sure you have your cell phone with campus police’s number on it. walksmart is also a great resource.

2) it depends on the program, but most first-year classes are really big. you probably won’t get to know any profs personally until third year, maybe second year. BUT most huge first-year courses have tutorials, and if you attend them (which you should), you’ll get to know your TA really well. you’ll be in a class of typically under 50 students, and your TA will make a special effort to make themselves available to you should you have questions.

also, many first years take at least one seminar course, and in some cases it’s even required. those classes are very small and typically include a lot group discussion. they’re a great way to interact directly with a prof.

3) well, when i Googled “annesley hall haunted” the only results i got were about this place in nottinghamshire (which is possibly the most English name i’ve ever heard). there aren’t even any mischievous redditors spreading information about annesley’s haunted reputation, which is a good sign.

honestly, if you’re worried about sleeping alone/away from home, residence is the best place to get acclimated. you’ll sleep on a floor full of your peers and a don qualified to deal with all sorts of emergencies. if you ask them to face-off with a poltergeist, they’ll do it.

or you can turn the tables and get the ghosts on your side. then you can become the MONARCH of an awesome UNDEAD ARMY. WHOO.




“you hecked up” – kanye west

So i was admitted to UC, and I have applied to UC? my residence already. However, I actually really like the residence in Vic.?

Am I allowed to do residence in a different college???

If yes, does a lot of people do that? And since I have already paid the deposit for UC, is it too late to change anything now??


hey there,

kanye shakes his head

according to the call i just put in to the Super Secret Office of Knowledge,?it’s “not likely” you can?change rez’s?once you’ve made a deposit. you can e-mail housing ( . ) services ( at ) utoronto ( . ) ca and they may be able to do something to help you out, but your odds aren’t great.

once you express your interest, it’s a done deal. residence is kind of like getting married in that way – you can’t back out after the fact, no matter what the bride is like. see, this is why i was yelling at y’all back in april?to figure this stuff out. you think it’s annoying, and then you realize?I?WAS RIGHT.

why not give?UC?a try? and be grateful that you’ve got a ROOF?over your HEAD. aska doesn’t?live in residence, y’know – she just?huddles with strangers?in libraries all day long. at night, we sleep?on top of each other in subways. and when it was winter, we just gritted our teeth and yelled into?the wind to deal with the pain. who needs all ten toes? kids these days are soft, i tell you, SOFT.

seriously, the UC residences are cool. and?if, somehow, you STILL?don’t like it after?you’ve moved in, you can always change residences next year.



P.S. i had to Google “Kanye laughing” for this post and this is what comes up in the image search. i feel like it’s a good reaction image, but for WHAT, i don’t know yet…


i’m just a broken record

Hello ! I was wondering whether you could tell me some information about which residence is better: Morrison, Sir Dans, or Whitney at UC, UofT?


hey there,

i’m at a bit of a disadvantage here because i’ve never lived at any of these residences, so i can’t give you any SECRET, INSIDE INFORMATION about, like, which building has leaky pipes, or which one has the comfiest couches. they do look pretty from the outside, though i hope the plumbing isn’t as old as the stonework.

what i would urge you to do is go on a residence tour if at all possible. if you have the time, tour each building you’re considering. honestly, i can’t stress enough how helpful it is to see the place for yourself. i know this sounds hokey and new-agey, but i really think that you just get a vibe from certain places. once you’ve visited a residence, you’ll be a lot more confident in making a decision about it.

other than that, it really depends on what you want out of rez. all of the buildings are mostly single rooms, Whitney and Sir Dan have one quiet floor each, Morrison has a dining hall while Sir Dan is farthest away (200m) from that dining hall, Morrison is the only one with A/C…you can compare and contrast more here.

in terms of logistics, the residences are pretty similar to one another: they’re single-occupant, dorm-style rooms that all use the same dining hall. they’re also all in the same area of campus. that’s why it’s kind of hard to choose between them based on just what the university tells you online or in pamphlets.

which brings us back full circle: go on a rez tour.




concerns about being alone: well, what else is new?

Hey there!I’m starting to get anxious about something really stupid concerning the residences but I can’t help it. So I’m going to be a first year student this fall and when I had to rank what building I wanted to stay in for residence, I didn’t really do much research and ranked Lower Burwash Hall first. Now that I’m reading more into residences I realize that for a first year student it would’ve been better to rank Margaret Addison Hall first because it is the most social and that where you can expect to make more friends as a first year. And stupid me ranked it 5th!! I’m pretty sure it’s impossible for me to get put there now. Do you have any idea if you can change your ranking after you are assigned to a dorm? Or if not, could I still hang out in the common room of Margaret Addison Hall at least? I’m really scared to be placed in a building where there is no social scene and it’s very quiet and won’t be able to meet anyone.
Thank you


hey there,

oh, man. i read this question first thing this morning and i am so glad?i did. i’m not gonna call your question cute because i think that word is really gross and condescending, and i’d like for all of us to be on equal footing here on askastudent. we’re all just chilling together, you know?

instead, lemme just put it this way: your question is very reflective of your status as an incoming first year. that’s not a bad thing. it just means that your concern is so minor that literally everyone knows it is except you. again, i don’t mean that offensively. what i’m saying is that you’ve got nothing to worry about!

the nature of residences is that they are social. i spent my first year in a residence (not at uoft) that was considered one of the “quieter” ones. guess what? people still threw parties the weekend their don was away. people still visited their neighbours in their pjs. i remember watching the U.S. elections (back when it was between obama and romney, oh man, remember that?) until 2am with like eight other people, all crowded around one TV in my friend’s room.

also, it was all very mobile. people still went to visit with friends in other residences. people ate in the cafeterias of other residences.

just because you live in a certain place, doesn’t mean you’re tied to it. university as a whole (and especially the university of toronto) allows for the kind of mobility that’s pretty hard to conceptualize?when you’re in high school. so if you really don’t like your rez, you don’t have to spend time there.

but?no matter where you end up, it’s very unlikely that you won’t make any friends in residence.?it looks like it’s too late?to change residence preferences once you’ve been made an offer, and while you could try contacting?housing services if you’re really adamant about?changing places, honestly, i’d recommend against it. i think you’ll find everything you’re looking for in burwash. and if not, hey, you’ve always got a friend in aska.

also, i hear netflix is really great for a night in alone or whatever.

best of luck next year!


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