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Sep 23

google is a great tool that some of us use from time to time

What month do undergraduate students go on semester break and when do they return back to university?


kudos to you for taking the extra effort to send us a question when it probably would’ve required less effort to just google it!

the december exam period is for this year (2016-2017) is from december 9th to 20th, which means everyone will be done exams by the 20th of december and the university will be closed following these exams.

classes start up again on january 5th for arts and science students and january 9th for engineering students.

information regarding engineering and arts and science sessional dates can be found here!

for future reference: feel free to google the following words: “u of t sessional dates” to find what you’re looking for!

u of t is a great place to learn how to google things- you’ve come to the right place.

cheers and #sorrynotsorry for the saltiness,


Sep 20

gold or painful, agonizing failure

Hi! Can you take a psych major if you’re in humanities? Like, if I take a double major in linguistics and psychology, will I graduate with a BA or a BSc? Or is it even possible for me to major in psychology if I didn’t apply for life sciences?
I’m at St. George by the way, and I’ll have completed PUMP by the time I apply for the psych POSt.
Sorry if you already answered this, I did my best to look through all the relevant tags!


hi there,

if you are double majoring in linguistics and psychology, you can pick whether you want a BA or a BSc.

in the arts and science calendar under program requirements, it states :

  • “A student completing one Major in a science area and one Major in an arts area have a choice of either the Honours Bachelor of Science or the Honours Bachelor of Arts.”

you’re good to go! choose wisely!


thanks for making an effort to check the tags! we appreciate it!




Sep 19

i’m minoring in CINicism


I’m about to begin my second year at UTSG, hoping to major in English and minor in Cin and History. I didn’t take CIN105 during my first year, but I will be taking it this upcoming school year, along with a 0.5 FCE 2nd level course towards the program. I was hoping that the 2nd year foundations course would be available during the summer and I did my research to find out that unfortunately it wasn’t available this previous summer, which most probably means that it wont be available during the 2017 summer term. Right? I’ve tried emailing the Cinema Studies Inst. about this but no one has gotten back to me yet. They probably won’t get back to me at all.

Anyway, so on to the actual questions.

So, on the Cinema Studies Undergrad and Program Admissions page, under ‘Minor Program’ it says:

“Entry requirements: A final mark of no less than 70% in CIN105Y1 or CIN201Y1 and three additional FCEs.

4.0 FCEs, at least 3.0 FCEs of which must have a CIN designator

CIN105Y1 – Introduction to Film Study

CIN201Y1 – Film Cultures I

Two additional full-course equivalents from Groups A through G (see below for list of courses). of which 1.0 FCE must be at the 300+level.

Students must complete CIN105Y1, CIN201Y1 and CIN301Y1 before taking any fourth-year courses.”

I’m pretty sure it’s just me haha, maybe because I ain’t the brightest bulb in the box when it comes to reading about and understanding any of U of T’s program stuff, but does this mean that since CIN105 and CIN201 are required, that I will only be left with taking 2.0 FCEs to get the minor degree? Also what about CIN301? Doesn’t that mean that the 1.0 FCE in the 300-level is fulfilled as well if CIN301 is taken? So does that mean in reality, I only have to take an additional 1.0 FCE to complete the degree requirement? Please do tell me if I’m wrong, if I’m completely delusional, and that trying to fix the mess that is my u of t life ain’t as easy as that.

Also, is it possible to take CIN301 and a fourth year course at the same time even if it says all those foundation courses have to be completed before taking one? Do I even have to take a fourth year course?

Thank you! Hoping to hear from you soon!



wow, this was a lot to take in. okay, let me try to break this down.

in regards to your first question: course offerings are pretty random; it really varies with every year. a good rule of thumb is to not expect a course to be offered until it’s actually announced. in the past, there have been courses that i have planned to take, only to discover that they weren’t offered when i wanted to take them. i would try emailing the cinema studies department again if you’re really worried.

now for the meat of your question… don’t worry if you’re confused about the cinema studies minor description- it’s not worded in the best way!

my face when looking at it:


behold: a step by step guide to a cinema studies minor!

basically, you have 4.0 FCE’s to fulfil. with me so far? great.

you need to take CIN105 and CIN201. these are both Y courses which means they will fulfil 2.0 of your 4.0 FCE’s. cool.

for the remainder 2.0 FCE’s, you need 1.0 FCE that are courses that start with CIN. the reason why this requirement exists is because in group G courses, there are courses that have the indicator EAS, HIS, GER, SLA, FIN, etc. which you can also take.

1.0 FCE out of the remainder 2.0 have to be at the 300 or 400 level. still with me?

however, if you want to take a class at the 400 level, you have to first take CIN301. (keep in mind you don’t have to take a 400 level class)

that’s pretty much all you need to know! i really hope this answered all of your questions!



Sep 14

math is hard

Im an international student going to UTM for commerce. I did my AS levels and got As in Accounts and Economics but somehow my math grade slipped from a 100% in school to a C in final grade. Will UTM take back my offer of admission or not allow me in the commerce program?


hey there,

to be honest, that seems like quite a significant drop in your grade so it may be possible that they will rescind your offer. however, we really have no idea and it would benefit you to check with admissions at UTM to ask about your own unique situation.

i know we say “ask us anything” but this is one of those situations where we really have no idea of knowing, simply because we don’t work for admissions. however, if you do have any other questions regarding student life or other academics throughout your time at U of T, feel free to send them to us and we’d be happy to answer them for you!

regardless, i wish you all the best in your upcoming semester! i hope it all worked out for you!



Sep 13

ahhh sorry!!! legit excuses tho

hello my darling fans,

aska here. just wanted to post a quick message letting you know that we are working on responding to all your questions! if you haven’t received a response, sit tight- you’ll be graced by one soon enough! it’s been a hectic couple of weeks what with our office renovation and frosh week, but please don’t lose hope! we are working on it!

if you do have urgent academic matters, we recommend that you visit your registrar’s office for any questions you might have!

cheers/ sorry/ much love,


Sep 12

no friends allowed

hi i was wondering if i could possibly bring a +1 to frosh week? like they’ll pay and everything, they just don’t go to uoft (utm for me). if not, could i bring them to o-week (where its free)

Aug 31


Hi aska, just wondering about the college thing. like how does it work and could you describe the different colleges and what they’re like (if you know) in your own gr8 words


hey there,

no. why.*

*but seriously, check out our other posts about this topic. there are only so many ways to say that “every college has it’s own special qualities.” good luck!



Aug 30

facebook goes ghost

Hi there! I’m unable to send my question through your website. I was wondering if you could tell me when midterms usually are? I’m a first year student going into the humanities department. I have to go on a trip during the first week of October and I would just like to make sure that’s not midterm period.


hey there,

are you saying that you were unable to send an e-mail to askastudent dot innis at utoronto dot ca? because really – it’s not rocket science, folks. i try to make a point of not answering facebook messages but i’ll answer this one to hold it up as an example to everyone: please, have a heart, just e-mail us your Q’s. facebook doesn’t notify us half the time we have messages, and we look at our inbox more. help us help you.

generally speaking, it’s a super not-good idea to go on a trip in the middle of the school year. if it is unavoidable, you will be risking missing a midterm test. there is no official ‘midterm period,’ but october is around the time that midterm tests start happening.

the first week still might be a bit early for humanities students, who tend only to have one midterm per class sometime around mid- to late-october (whereas life science students typically have two, so their first midterms come a little before humanities’ students, and their second midterms a little after), so you may be okay. but you won’t know for sure until you get your syllabi in the first week.

if you’re really in a jam, make sure to communicate it with your professor/TA. it may be possible to reschedule midterms, but telling your instructor early and taking the initiative to come up with an alternate arrangement is essential if you end up having to go that route.



Aug 29

mumble mumble fees mumble

Hi there! In July, I requested to have my course fees calculated on a per-course basis (3.0 FCE) and I just recently added another half course for the winter semester. Should I wait for the 0.5 FCE fee to show up on my financial account or should I contact my registrar? Thanks in advance!


hey there,

i’m not really sure what you’re asking. if you added a 0.5 credit course on ACORN, the fee for that course would be added to your account invoice automatically. that means that you would need to pay for that course as well, as the rest of your fees, by the stated deadlines.

if you enrolled in the course but the fee for the course hasn’t appeared on your account invoice, then call your registrar’s office and they can figure out why the fee hasn’t appeared yet.

if you’re in 3.5 FCEs, you’re still eligible to be on per-course fees instead of a full-time program fee, so if that’s what you’re worried about – don’t be. you’re still within the per-course limit.



Aug 26

elevate that gpa

Hi there askastudent,

I have a couple questions that have been bothering me for a while. I am currently a fourth year student, and I would like to take a couple more courses to elevate my cgpa, though for all intents and purposes at the end of Winter 2017 I will be eligible to graduate.

Do all courses taken after the minimum 20 required for graduation count as extra courses?

And is you diploma CGPA different from your over all CGPA? What I mean to say is does your diploma GPA count the cumulative GPA of 20 credits only, satisfied by subject post and breadth requirements? Or is every course taken in your time at an undergraduate institution count?



if you take over 20 credits, these classes will still count toward your cgpa, however, there are exceptions that you need to consider. for example, if you take over 6.0 credits in 100 level courses, the extra courses you take will not count towards your GPA.

another thing to consider is if you are trying to get a higher GPA for grad school, every grad school has a different procedure in terms of looking at your grade. some will just consider your 10 most recent credits.

in terms of your diploma CGPA and your normal CGPA, it will be the same. i hope this answered your question!



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